Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sweets for the Sweet

We wandered into several candy shops yesterday. Del Coronado actually has it's OWN candy store. In case the guests are so desperate for chocolate or sugar that they couldn't make it as far as the street shops. I wish I'd taken more photos but I was vascillating back and forth between trying to look "cool" and "fittin in" (snort!) and letting my inner tourist out to play - and snap away. I really need to get over that before we go to Paris since I'll be really bummed to come home without a google of my own photos.

Here was their Easter display.

I loved the red, black and white theme. (Happy coincidence - the colors I'm planning to pack for Paris. Have I mentioned that twice too many times this post?) They had several different displays done in black and red but I it was the wrong time of day - too much glare on the windows.

I almost bought this nuts and caramel goody with the chocolate starfish on the top. I regret it now that I see the photo again. dang. Maybe we'll be back down there again before I leave.

Don't you LOVE this!? I brought it up to the counter to buy until I realized it was milk chocolate and I really prefer dark. So I took a photo of it instead and we all bought truffles. Lisa got a dark chocolate with brandy flavored dark center and dipped in bittersweet chocolate powder. She didn't like the unsweetened powder so I kindly offered to lick it all off for her and then give the rest of it back. She said she'd suffer along without my help, thanks. I bought a dark chocolate with a Grand Manier (orange liquor)flavored dark chocolate center.

Baby girls like chocolate too, especially the dark stuff. (You're not the only one with a chocolate problem Laura!) She also loves my cappuccino foam and my rose flavored black tea with cream and sugar. Lisa is worried about it being the wrong choices for a child but what's a grammy to do - have you ever tried NOT sharing with a toddler?!

Uhm, hey! Mom! Grammy! You're not sharing fast enough!

I also bought about $20 worth of my favorite chocolate bars from Target and packed them in my extra suitcase, the one I filled with things I was bringing to the kids - no sense mailing the stuff when I could bring it for free as my check in luggage. So I had to fill it up with something for the return trip, yes? I found some good walking shoes and some other things for my upcoming trip, but I still had room. The chocolate fits perfectly so that the rest of the stuff doesn't shift around.

At home I was down to eating the cheap, last dregs chocolate stashed in a forgotten candy jar. I didn't realize I had become so dependent on my daily chocolate until I ran out and couldn't find anything worth eating in town. Now I'm should be set for at least a month. Then I'm going to Paris. But I might have mentioned that last bit already.


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So where are you going again? I'm didn't quite catch that. And I'm sure you have spent much more than $20 in chocolate since you've been here! :)

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