Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stress, Skills, Snow

A conversation that seems to come up on a regular basis is - What sort of decider are you?

It seems there are two basic types, with variations attached. The first is the person who makes a decision quickly and then spends days, weeks, even a lifetime second guessing themself and wondering if they made the right choice. The second kind of person stresses and worries beforehand, weighing infinitesimally small factors for days, weeks, and so on before finally making a decision. Me, I'm the latter sort. For me, making a decisions is often a long process riddled with anxiety and in-depth analysis. The upside is that once I'm finished, I let it all go and I'm generally happy with my decision. But getting there - oy vey! - the stress builds and builds up to the final moment of choosing one direction over another, a yes or a no, a right or a left, an up or a down.

Today was that day. I spent all day pushing these buttons.

And these buttons.

I had to buy four airline tickets for three different trips for three different people traveling for three different reasons and coordinate two of those tickets with even two more people. All the while I was sweating over whether I'd gotten all the dates right, the boxes filled out, and the names correct, simultaneously the phone was ringing off the hook and three other moderate crises were playing out. By the middle of the afternoon I was a soggy eyed, tear leaking, quivering mess.

Hubby and son guided me out the door and off to dinner to try to fix the moisture issues. Only it backfired when we got to the restaurant and our waitress arrived with moisture issues of her own - only hers were the kind dripping all manner of virulent nasties which she would undoubtedly pass on to me and I would incubate until just before I needed to use one of those plane tickets, thus causing me to have to cancel trips willy nilly and to have wasted all those hours of agonizing planning and decision planning.

I lost it. The family tossed dollar bills at the bewildered staff for the drinks they'd already brought to the table and scurried me off to another restaurant, one that appeared to be germ free. Knock on wood.

Things got better.

And this is where I tell you that William has got some serious skills. You know - numchuk skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills.....metal claw toy grabbing skills. He won me this adorable little bee!

Okay, maybe she's equal parts tacky and adorable, but she makes me happy. I can't believe he won her for me - with only TWO TRIES. You know, from those big glass boxes full of toys that no one seems to be able to get anything out of except the occasional toddler who manages to climb inside and ends up being rescued from just in time to be on the local evening news. She really has two antennae, one must have flopped over when she was getting her picture taken.

And last but not least, it's BA-A-A-A-ACK! Snow, that is. Big fluffy flakes piling up all over the place. Phbbbbt.


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