Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I Saw Red

I stumbled upon a group of bloggers who are doing this I Saw Red photo sharing this week. With my ongoing brain freeze about uploading buttons, the best I can do is share the button image here and give you the link for the participants here. I've only seen a few of the images here and there so far but I'll have to find the time to go check out all the participating blogs because I adore red in photos. Really, don't we all!? And I had to play because I knew the perfect photo to share for it, one of my favorite moments captured in Paris. This was taken while sitting on the edge of the Seine just below the Eiffel Tower, watching the boats, people, clouds go by.

I just realized (smacks head) I should have signed up on Laume's Studio so check there, I'll add more photos over there as the week goes on.


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