Friday, July 04, 2008

Le Bistro Susanville

As promised, photos of our new bistro set. I need to get the spot in the back courtyard cleaned up where it will go, right now that's a mess of storage crap and last year's leaves from the apple tree. So for now I've set it up in various poses on the front sidewalk and yard just to take some photos. You can click on the photos to open them and see more detail.

I took photos on the sidewalk first because it will be on concrete in the back. I love the way the sun makes these shadows of the patterns! It's not a cast iron set, but it is metal, and it's sturdy enough. The price was considerably below anything else we found. I suppose I could have kept looking but that takes money and time and I really wanted to have it to enjoy before the summer was gone.

Bistro sets traditionally come with two chairs. But they had this adorable extra chair (the one in the back) that was the same but different. Hubby couldn't understand why I wanted to buy that one too, but several ladies came by swooning over the set and asking if I was sure I wanted to buy it (because they were going to snap it up if I didn't - they did buy all the matching carts and plant holders and wall displays which I didn't want or need because I have lots of other cool stuff already) and they assured him that it made total sense. Too matchy was most uncool.

Another photo of it on the grass. I don't think it helps much, you can't really tell the colors well. It's sort of a rusty coppery metal color and the lighter accents are a pale sage green. There was another set that was a simpler design - square, with a woven table top like the woven seat you see above, simple curves on the table legs - and it was painted completely in that green. I really liked that one a lot and thought it might be better because it was a slightly larger table you could really get your legs underneath, but the table couldn't be folded up and so we didn't think we could get it in the car. Plus, hubby liked this one a lot more. It's not that I didn't like this one, I did, a lot! It was more trying to decide between two equally yummy desserts with different flavors. There were pros and cons to each table set. I wanted hubby to have some say in the decision though and now that we've bought it I'm thinking maybe it was the right choice after all because the colors will match what I already have well.

One more photo (a little blurred, sorry) to show you the detail on the third unmatched chair. The metal figures next to the green leaves on the backs of the chairs are little birds. And the metal looks "twiggy". If they'd had the matching table for this chair (it was abandoned all by it's lonesome with no matching anything), I think it would have come home with me too.

My only concern is that the chairs are sturdy but not meant to take a lot of tomfoolery. I'll have to be careful about the 200 lb. (give or take a few pounds) guys in the family. But it's really more for me and my friends to sit at. Well, hubby and me as well, but hubby will be careful or else I can pull up a sturdier chair for him.

Soon you can come for tea or lemonade in my beautiful courtyard. (Beautiful-to-be, that is)

"Une café madame? Ou thé au lait?"

"Thé au lait pour deux, sil vous plait. Avec tartes de framboise. Merci."


Blogger Belita Rose said...

Very pretty!! I can't wait to come sit and drink tea with you!

2:45 PM  
Blogger JulieZS said...

That is lovely! I especially like the "twiggy" metal, that is a great effect. Wish I could pop over for tea.

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Deirdre said...

I love the bistro set - you can be on the look out for a larger glass top if you really want to put your legs under.

When I had a dining room set up - I had chairs that my in-laws were not allowed to sit on. Not that they are large, but the guys like to balance on the rear 2 legs - the only up side is the thought of what their faces would look like if they crashed to the floor!

:-D eirdre

8:56 AM  

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