Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Was a Bad Bad Girl, Who Had a Good, Good Time

It's not really 11:58 PM. It's really 2 AM. But if I don't back date it, then it sounds like I did this tomorrow, which I didn't. Uhm. Make sense? Well, let's just move on.

Except for one visit to Redding to visit Sam for the Superbowl, I've been "trapped" in town since the middle of December. Mostly because of weather and road conditons. But also I kept putting it off because different family members kept suggesting they might want to come with for their own reasons - William wanted some spring school clothes, Hubby wanted to eat at a certain restaurant. We could never coordinate everyone at the same time that the roads weren't slippery.

But honestly, I didn't really want to go out of town and then run around doing family errands. I wanted to run away from family and have a day to myself. Just one day. And today was the day. Actually, half a day, as I didn't get started until the middle of the afternoon, got on the road only to discover I was missing my credit card and driver's license, went back home and spent another half hour finding them, and then finally started the hour and a half drive.

I really only wanted to go to three places - Savers (which is a big department store sized thrift shop) to look for possible faery skirts, Trader Joe's (for some decent breads), and the bookstore (to find a magazine).

I discovered there's not one, but TWO, Savers in the Reno area, and I went to both. I spent almost four hours finding and trying on clothes. Spent too much, forgot it wasn't our local small town thrift shop with nothing over $2. But I did find a lot of fun stuff at varying degrees of a good deal. Including a pair of black jeans. Hard to find good black jeans.

I found several skirts. Okay, more than several. But they were sooooo pretty! And I didn't buy a single one that I wouldn't wear just for every day wear as well as to the faery festival. I found some pretty fabrics. And a dozen paperbacks. A framed print that reminds me of my dear first mother-in-law. A couple of sweaters, some shirts, a pair of leggings, a scarf, three hats, a hat for Hubby exactly like his favorite one he lost, a silk Hawaiian shirt for him, and a handful of cute things for the granddaughters. Uhmmmmm....... I think that's about it. Oh. And a pair of lime green sandals.

I made it to Trader Joes just in time to pick up some yummy breads and a few veggies, plus a new reusable bag, before they closed.

Went to Barnes & Noble and the magazine I wanted was sold out, but I picked up three others.

Had a nice specially prepared for me (and delivered directly by the chef!) fish tacos and salad at Claim Jumper. (Thank you Claim Jumper).

Got a free Starbucks for the drive home (I had a free drink card) and the full moon and George Noory made the drive home interesting.

The bad bad part was spending a wee bit more than I should have at the thrift store. The good good part was that I enjoyed my day away thoroughly. And since I spent so much time at Savers, everything else was closed by the time I got out of there and so that probably saved me lots of money. Right? Works for me!


Blogger Jana said...

I love getting out of town too! I like Savers too, I am frugal and love shopping at thrift stores. I hear the Traders Joes in Redding will opening soon. Which is good, I have to go to Redding about once a month to visit family.

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