Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other

I'm gonna share six things I'm lovin' these days:

1. salsa - Salsa is a diet's best friend. It turns lots of otherwise unseasoned foods into a fiesta!

2. soy milk - Even if I didn't choose to drink it because of dairy allergies, and because of the no cholesterol thing, and because of the no eating beef (99.9% of the time) thing, I'd still stick with soy milk, 'specially for coffee and tea. Soy milk adds a "nutty" flavor. Cow's milk tastes "flat" in comparison. I forgot to order soy in my Starbucks the other day and .... blech!! No wonder everyone always orders their coffee with all those flavor pumps in it.

3. my camera - I suppose I could live without it but it would be a diminished existence - sigh.

4. William got his car working all by himself (with help from friends). Without a mechanic. Without a bill from the mechanic. YAY WILLIAM! YAY not having to drive him to and from school!

5. Rosie being all perky eared and well again.

6. cardigan sweaters - when the weather gets variable, not all cold and not all hot, but mixed, cardigans are just the thing. It sounds old fashioned doesn't it - "cardigan". Reminiscent of grandmothers or poodle skirted teens. But I say cardigans are a contemporary fashion must.

And now for a half dozen things I'm not lovin' so much:

1. cold hands - and any other cold body parts. Sun during the day feels good but those same clear skies mean the temperature free falls as soon as the sun sets. I've been so cold at night recently I've kept the heater on at night. On low, but on nontheless. And still I haven't felt warm enough to sleep well.

2. the sewer issue still up in the air. I want to get some early garden plans going but nothing can happen until the backyard is torn up, the job done, and what's left (if anything) of my long years of backyard improvements given back to me to try to rebuild into some sort of acceptable courtyard and gardens.

3. When I don't replenish foods I'm no longer including in our family diet, my family thinks I
"forgot" to buy it and restocks the banished items themselves.

4. our local prudes. I went in search of a magazine that had a controversial March '09 issue today and found it was, surprise, surprise, missing from the magazine rack that usually carries it every month. GRRRRRR. It reminds me of the time the local supermarket turned a women's magazine that showed an artistic photo of a woman who was obviously topless (but not exposed, she had her arms folded in front of her breasts) backwards, back cover out, on all the racks. When I complained and pointed out that it was actually breaking their contract to display it for the company, they said they wouldn't turn it because some lady complained about kids being exposed to nudity. Or the time I bought a subscription to Sagewomen magazine for the local library and they declined it because it was pagan. When I threatened to go to the library board, they back pedaled and accepted it. And then they kept hiding it under the Sports Illustrated back issues. Until I complained some more. It was, by the way, very popular, checked out quite a bit. Mwahahaha.

5. cat hair on my black clothing

6. my favorite favorite favorite favorite perfect jacket has a broken zipper and now it has a broken snap as well. I've looked at the way it's made and I think it would be too complicated to bother replacing the zipper. Sigh. Weep. Arm flung over my forehead in a dramatic gesture.


Here's the jacket. Also my camera, which I mentioned loving. And I also love those shoes. So comfortable for walking in.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you Laume, as usual! I WISH my library had Sagewoman - I need to just break down and subscribe!
Thank you, always and forever, for your heart-warming, laugh-inducing, charming and ALWAYS relatable posts!

7:51 PM  
Blogger Jana said...

I go to the local dry cleaners to get zippers fixed. It usually costs me about $25 for the labor and the zipper. But if you have a great jacket that is going to last for awhile, it is worth the money. It is the dry cleaners on Main Street next to Mt. Lassen Properties.

10:17 PM  

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