Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just Sittin' Around

I think my last post was a bit too braggy. Everything is going great. I'm walking and walking. Brag, brag, brag.

Well, not so much the last couple of days. Yesterday I felt like someone had pulled the plug and all the energy drained out. Ugh. I managed a small walk. But my heart wasn't in it. Every step seemed like work. I did manage to chat with a couple of nice horses, but it was the first time I can honestly say I wished I was home laying on the couch instead.

This morning I had to run some errands and even though I'd had breakfast first, I felt shaky. I finally felt woozy enough that I stopped and ate something, sat down with a book. I felt better after that. And I didn't feel as drained this evening. But I didn't get a walk in at all. I guess it's unreasonable to expect no ups and downs.

Speaking of books, I finally finished a book that I have been chipping away at for months. Paris to the Moon by Adam Gopnik. I've been enjoying the small moments here and there that I could slip away to the city of my dreams. Now that I've finished it, I'll have to choose another book to woo my Francophile heart.

But for tonight, I'll settle for sharing a few Paris moments from my photos. I guess when you get "sitting around" and "Paris" together in my brain, you get a silly montage like this:

Here's Hubby warming a bench somewhere in the Marais.

Hubby relaxing near the Stravinsky Fountain.

Hubby resting on the steps of the Sacre Coeur.

Hubby taking a nap in Monet's Garden. Are you seeing a pattern here? You can't blame him. Not with all the walking we did. And that whole one and a half lungs thing. (inside joke)

Here's Sam, Kyla and Hubby all resting. I'm still on my feet, taking photos. I took the least breaks of us all because there was just so many different sights to try to capture. I did my resting during our longer stops - at a bistro, a cafe, a brasserie.

Here's Hubby not sitting. We're in Rodin's garden and he found a podium missing a sculpture at the moment, so he's doing his best to fill in for it.

Here's Hubby lounging in the Musee D' Orsay. He did, in fact, spend a lot of time sitting in the museum while I continued on to see more rooms, but it was on the lower floor of the building. But I had him sit here so I could take a picture of him because....

Two years earlier this was the exact spot where William mutinied - NO MORE ART! William had been to a lot of art museums by this point and he boycotted any more for the rest of the trip, starting immediately. Not museums, just art museums. Still, I love this photo. I have it framed and displayed in the living room.

But back to Hubby and he back to his favorite Paris viewing position - sitting. Here he's looking up to admire the Eiffel Tower that's looming over us. Look who else is sitting on the bench. Ahhhh. They do say Paris is for lovers. Sigh. But it makes the old guy look sort of sad in comparison, doesn't it? Sitting there all by his lonesome. Well, don't you worry.....





Blogger Belita Rose said...

You guys look so cute!

9:24 PM  
Blogger JulieZS said...

Awww, all those pics are great, but the last one should be up on your wall too!

11:31 AM  
Blogger Lutrah's Ocean Alter said...

I love all the pictures... but the one of William and his mutiny is just too cool!
I would have been right behind you, or got lost cause I saw something I just had to have a closer look at....
One of my favorite memories as a kid was my mom taking my big brother and I on the train to Chicago, and letting us loose three days in a row at the Museum of Science and Industry...
Is that a great place for a kid to play all day or what?

1:48 PM  

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