Thursday, July 02, 2009

Family Poses

Just hanging out with family this last week and snapped some photos.

Hubby (aka Papa) loves holding puppies, cats, and grandbabies. Garrett making sure he gets in the picture, he's a little imp. And geeze, I forget until I see it in a photo, we still haven't remodeled the kitchen and it's still sporting the green paint samples. I pretend it's painting in camo on purpose. Sure. It could be.

More silly Garrett with his mom. It struck me that he's just a few months younger than William was when we moved to Susanville. It's hard to imagine a) William having ever been that little (and he probably wasn't, Garrett is small for his age) and b) Garrett being that old already!

See what I mean, could William ever been a little guy? Noel and her baby brother. (pssst, he's also taller than his brothers, much to their annoyance. And his father, who's shrunk a teensy bit over the years. And of course everyone is taller than me. Well, no. Not true. Now that there are grandkids, I'm not the only shrinky dink in the family.)

Noel and me. I'm usually behind the lens, not in front of it. I'm trying to remember to get in more pictures after finding so few of me in the family archives.

Benjamin working that straw. It always works to go with a cute baby finale.


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