Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Windy Wonderful Day at the Beach

I met up with a friend, Whisper Fae and her hubby Jake for a day of fun on the northern coast yesterday. They just moved to the area, so I met them at their new place, a cute little beach house on the bay just south of Eureka, and I got to meet their furbabies.

Then we were off to Arcata where I turned them on to the amazingness of Los Bagels. We wandered around the plaza for a bit, poking in shops. I think Whisper and I have the same radar for fun shops as we both made the same squeaky happy noises whenever we saw pretties in the windows. Jake was very good natured about being dragged through all the girlie stuff. Eventually though we headed off for the main event, an afternoon of beach walking.

Jake and Whisper Fae (and yes, she has a muggle name as well, but I think her fae name is just to pretty not to use)

A buoy peeking out between the rocks.

This struck me as a very magical tree. We talked with her a bit, Whisper Fae said she was a red... alder?, and we tried to identify all the companion plants growing around her roots. Do you see the stone face? Maybe that's one of guardians.

Sea lions and comorant sunning themselves on the rocks. Or are they seals. Dang.

In this awesome vintage clothing shop one of the workers dug up this wonderful old skirt for me and gave it to me!!! It's perfect. It might be part of my Bad Faerie Day outfit or, if it's not quite the same shade, I will be creating a new outfit out of it for next year!

I tried to do little modeling of it on the beach but soon discovered I'm way more comfortable on the other side of the lens. Too, the wind made it really hard to look anything but windblown - and not in a GOOD way. (Willow, you make these photo shoots look so easy!)

Why does every boy immediately climb to the top of anything?

Even though my hair is wild and my face half hidden, I really like this photo. You can also see a bit of the new scarf I indulgently bought. I love it.

This guy was being silly, watching us watch him and stretching and flapping for us.

Two wild fae girls on the beach having fun. (hey, we're girls, we're still both under 100 years old! Even if add us both up together!)


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This really sounds like a wonderful day!!! I took an imaginary visit to your beach (forget the shopping)

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