Friday, July 03, 2009

More Family, Flowers, and Floppy Puppy

This is the time of year when our overgrown weed/flower front garden makes the entrance look very inviting, yes? So inviting, that more family has come visiting. Sam and Ashley came over yesterday, and they brought their new puppy Jax.

Jax: "Hey, I remember you! Wanna play!"
Rosie: "Oh no! Not him again!"

Jax had never meet a feline, he was very curious. Here he is checking out Ginny Weasley. Fortunately our cats have all had their share of dog and puppy visitors and don't get terribly hissy or annoyed. So far everyone's fine. Well, except for when Jax tried to play with Mongo's tail and Mongo swatted him. Jax is a fast learner though. "YELP! No tail biting. Gotcha." Not a good pic of Ashley.

But here's a nice one. Joli's not the only cutie on our tree swing. Ashley's looking pretty in the yard.

More pretties in the yard. The daylilies are blooming.

Including this beautiful burgundy one, the only remaining specialty lily of the half dozen we planted.

Sam and Ashley are off to spend the rest of the weekend in Lake Tahoe and we're babysitting the grandpuppy. We were given all sorts of instructions - geeze, you'd think we'd never raised any kids or animals without their help. Hehe. Ashley giving Jax one more kiss goodbye.

We're supposed to put him in his crate for sleeping or when we have to go somewhere. He sleeps in there just fine but I think he looks very sad in there in the day.

Much happier on the couch, doncha think! He's a very sweet tempered guy. And silly. And floppy. And smart. Right now Rosie is napping on the couch next to my side, and Jax is napping on the floor next to my feet. It's a dog sleep dog world.


Anonymous Windweaver in OKC said...

Wow ur lilies are gorgeous! i do daylilies 2 u know.Jax's feet are ginormous! What a cutie pie goofy pup. Lucy's new nickname is whimperdoodle. I sing it to her like Yankee Doodle--"You're a whimperdoodle puppy, ..." etc. If she's in, she wants out; if she's out, she wants in!! It's fun following u! Tweet on my friend!

6:28 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

oh Jax is adorable!!! Love him!! I think he and Olive would be fast friends....

your burgundy lily is such an amazing

7:12 AM  

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