Sunday, January 02, 2011

Tea Party

We had a very quiet holiday season for the most part, quiet but quite nice in a lowkey, enjoy-the-small-moments sort of way.  William, the college son, came home, but split his time between his parents and friends.  The rest of the family couldn't make it this year.

Happily Lisa came with two grandkids for the last couple of days of December and that gave us a bit of festivities.  Since we didn't have much time I asked what she'd specifically like to do and she and Joli said "a tea party"!  Girls after my own heart.  It just happened to be the one holiday event I'd wanted to plan and hadn't been able to manage.

So I worked hard to transform our dining room into a tea room.


An eclectic gathering of dishware, we just picked what we liked.  I think it looks lovely nonetheless.


The china and silverware might not have all matched, but we matched up the guests perfectly.  Three girls.


And three boys.


We had two kinds of tea in two of my fanciest tea pots. The one on the left was a gift from Hubby and the one on the right was a gift from my Mom.  The pretty sugar bowl (unfortunately you can't see the front) was a gift from her as well.


I don't remember what she was admonishing her mother about, but it had something to do with tea etiquette.


Just in time I'd finished making up my new napkins.


We all dressed up for the event.  Well, okay, we all managed to BE dressed for the event.  Some of us wore a monkey on our head.


And some of us wore a monkey on our butt.


And some of us even wore a boy wearing a monkey on top of a monkey on top of their head.  Uhm... I think I said that properly.


The candles burned down. We polished off FOUR pots of tea.  Joli wanted us to make two MORE pots but the rest of us felt a bit sloshy. 


Joli was sad to see the party end.  Fortunately she cheered up when I suggested if we left a bit of room in our tummies, we might manage to have some hot cocoa later.

I'm determined to make time for more tea parties in my life in this new year.  I might even need to buy some matching dishware for them.....

nahhhh.  Mismatched is good.  But I might need more of that!


Blogger Jaye said...

Love the photos of your tea party. What a GREAT idea! I laughed at the boy wearing the monkey on his wearing the boy with the monkey on his butt on his head - or whatever you said! LOL! Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

12:34 PM  
Blogger Jan said...

okay so your book post wasn't your first new post. This looks like a wonderful time! I remember when I used to go visit my grandma she would always let me choose my own tea cup from her cabinet to have my coffee in. Hey, tea isn't the only thing they hold, you know.

11:22 PM  
Blogger New End Studio said...

I like your photo captions almost as much as the photos...did you bake the tea biscuits/scones? Recipe, please if you did. Mismatched china has more personality! Love it.

5:18 PM  

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