Sunday, February 19, 2006

Two Faced

I was doing the Children's Book Meme for today's blog entry. Almost done when my stupid internet software froze up colder then a chihuahua in a snowbank. ARGH.

So, instead, I'm gonna show you a couple of face pictures.

This is what remains of an outdoor statue my mother gave me. It was originally a little boy looking down at a rabbit cradled in his lap. I really liked the statue because my mom gave it to me when she moved away and it reminded me of her more then a lot of other things she's given me over the years. I don't remember if his head got knocked off and glued back on before or after she gave him to me, but eventually it refused to stay affixed, so we just set the head on loosely and hid the key to the back door in the hollow space inside whenever we went on vacation and someone was watching our pets. Eventually the plaster eroded to the point where it refused to stay balanced atop the body at all, and I gave up and tossed it - the body, that is. The head I stuck on a stake in the garden. It's a little creepy but at the same time, I like it because it's so unexpected, in an Addam's Family sort of way.

Yes, this is a face. Actually, you're looking DOWN the face. I was curious what it looked like up top at our local snow resort as I'd never been up there. So I gave William my camera today and sent him up to snap a few pictures. See the teensy little lodge down below? That's where I was when he took this photo - inside by the woodstove, looking out the window and knitting a fuzzy orange and purple poncho.

By western standards, this is a rinky dink little hill, but it's conveniently close by and amazingly cheap compared to the world class resorts down the way in the Tahoe area. At least, when ever there's snow, it gets William on the slopes. Although, we ended up going home after only an hour today as, and I quote "There's no base. The powder isn't that thick. I'm boarding on ice." Plus, his friends didn't show up. And I had psyched myself up to be a good mommy and stay all day without complaint, too.


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