Monday, February 13, 2006

I'm doomed! Woof! Woof!

Someone, who shall remain nameless, turned me on to Dogster. It's like a drug. I'm hooked. I spent hours last night looking at adorable wet noses and big, sad eyes and silly oversized ears and.....where did the time go!?

But wait, that's not the worst part. This afternoon - whizzed by - while I created a blog page for my OWN adorable Rosie-girl. You can go see it. No, no, I INSIST. Go. HERE. Make sure you scroll down and see all her pictures.

Of course the doomed part is - not the wasted evening squeaking "Ooooooh! ISn't he cute! William, come look at THIS one!" No. And not the wasted afternoon making a blog shrine to Rosie. She's adorable. She deserves one. No. The doomed part is I have another dog, equally deserving. And wait, it gets worse. There is also a CATSTER webite!!!!! I have 13 friggin' cats!

I'm doomed, I tell ya, I'm doomed.


Blogger JulieZS said...

You are indeed doomed. But at least you have a REALLY CUTE DOG to be doomed with. (B.E.G.)

9:16 AM  

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