Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Good sleeping weather

Last night was absolutely perfect sleeping weather. Good sleeping weather is always appreciated, but even more so last night as I've come out of a month of spending a lot more time then I can usually handle in self contained, noisy, ventilation-managed areas. I don't do well with white noise or without fresh air.

Remember too, when I left town it was, for all practical purposes, still winter here. Technically it was spring, but someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that. It was relatively cold. No leaves on the trees. I came back to leaves, green grass, and roses blooming everywhere. I probably missed all the spring flowers, like lilacs, altogether. We weren't opening the bedroom windows yet.

Last night was cool, and sweet, with the tiniest wisp of a breeze. I had the choice of laying stretched out coverless without feeling cold, or draping the sheet and one blanket over me without feeling too warm. Rosie preferred the latter as without covers to sleep under next to her person she was a sad little puppy. Last night was such a lovely night for sleeping that I went off to bed early and I lingered there this morning hours past the time I needed the rest simply because I could and it was too lovely to disturb the tranquility of the yet unused day.

When tranquil turned to slightly bored, I got up. I'm checking mail, thinking about putting on a pot of tea, and turning over the possibilities for the day. Since I have no tasks jostling to be front and center, I'm going to do what calls to me - putter in the garden.


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