Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Travel Photos #4

William, trying to figure out how to use our international calling card. I eventually figured it out, but we spent a lot of time in these red boxes until later in the trip when we started having phones available in our room.

Here we are posing in front of a movie set in the village of Castle Combe. Often voted The Prettiest Village in England, it was even more picturesque the day we were there because it had been done over with props, dirt covering any asphalt, resident's cars hidden round back, for a movie they were filming there. Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert DeNiro are in it. Don't know what the name of it will be. Of course if you really looked around, the setting was blemished by the film studio's lighting, cords, vans, etc. But I tried to keep them out of the pictures we took. Now that I think about it, it might have been more interesting to take photos with the odd stuff included.I'm not sure what era the film is supposed to be set in, but it was fun to see the props. They even let us see some of the inside scenes. We had to leave by 10 am, when filming began for the day.


Blogger Panah Rad said...

Nice Pictures.
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Blogger Deb R said...

Cool photos! (Although I really hope those are fake dead bunnies hanging there!)

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