Monday, July 17, 2006

Hot and dry

Like a lot of bloggers lately, I seem to be all dried up when it comes to blogging ideas. Well, that's not entirely true. I have a few ideas I haven't gotten around to using yet, mainly because they all demand more work to put up then I can manage just now. Too, I've got limited photo capabilities right now, which cuts into the fun stuff I can show you guys. Maybe I can blame this lack of inspiration on the weather, which is hot. I tried to talk to my friend Deirdre on the phone this morning and found my brain (and mouth) was as sluggish to respond as my manic depressive computer is at the moment. After listening to me stop and start midsentence for a few minutes, she wanted to know if I was medicated.

Deb solved her blogger's block by throwing it open to her readers, asking if any of her adoring fans had any questions they wanted to ask her about life, philosophy, art, books, shoes, etc. That sounds like a good idea, in theory, only I'm afraid I only have a tenth the adoring fans as Deb does, so what if I ask and no one wants to know anything about me? Huh? What if I've babbled on so thoroughly there's nothing left to ask? Gulp. Oh, what the heck - the worst case scenario - no one asks me anything and I'll have to go drown my self pity in a tall margarita. So, anyone? Leave your deep (or shallow) questions below in the comments.

In the meantime, I'll fall back on a really lame topic - Pirate fever. The new Pirates of the Carribbean movie to be exact. If you don't like spoilers, don't worry, I won't through out any details. Although if you're like me and can't stand to even hear anyone say something like "I liked the ending best.", then clap your hands over your ears, close your eyes, yell "LA LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU! while using your big toe on your right foot (left foot if you're goofy footed) to scroll down past this next paragraph. But honestly, I won't say anything you won't hear out in public, especially if you were sitting in the booth on either side of my friend Shelly and I last night at Young Sing's Restaurant.

Okay, here goes. Eh. I was so excited to finally see Johnny, Orlando, and Keira again and...... eh. I was disappointed. For two reasons. First of all - When are they gonna learn that big names and great special effects, as nifty as those two things are, can NOT carry a movie. A plot would have been nice. Really. Even a rough draft of one. Secondly, and perhaps I would have even forgiven them that last point if they'd managed this one - How about giving us an ENDING!? If you're doing the Lord of the Rings, you're allowed to end in the middle of the story. If you're doing a fun, summer no brainer, use a little bit of your collective hollywood/writer/media/geek brain to come up with an ending. ARGH! And I don't mean that in the pirate way! That's it. Well, no, there's more. But that would involve true spoilers, and I hate those. Embarrassingly, I'll probably end up going to see it again, or just buy the dang thing when it comes out on DVD, because it did have great special effects and maybe if I watch it a half dozen times, I'll find a plot buried deep down underneath all that prancing and splashing about.

Oh! Look at the time. Gotta get William to his sports physical. Ack! Don't forget folks - here's your chance - ask me a question!


Blogger Deb R said...

I want to see you answer some of the same questions I answered yesterday - What are you reading right now? What was the last book you tried to read but just couldn't get into? Last book you absolutely loved? Favorite genre?

PS...about Pirates2: I liked it. I thought there was about as much plot as the first one, which is to say not a hell of a lot, but that didn't bother me. I do get what you mean about the ending (or lack thereof) but I just keep telling myself it's the middle part of a trilogy so the "ending" is really more of a "to be continued."

8:16 PM  
Anonymous EasyDiverChris said...

How do you pronounce your name, Laume?

11:00 AM  

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