Friday, August 18, 2006

crabby and comfy

First, the crabby part. Last night at about 10:15 our neighbor knocks on the door and tells us that at 11 p.m. the county was going to start spraying our neighborhood for mosquitos for the West Nile Virus. He'd just heard it announced on the radio. What!? The only thing I knew was that there was something in this week's paper about a town meeting (that they were reporting HAD happened already so fat chance of anyone GOING to it) to discuss whether or not any legitimate reports of West Nile Virus had occurred in our county. Next thing I know Al's telling me they're gonna spray my organic yard any minute. Apparently they gave everyone 24 hour notice by posting a sign on the main street. Uhm, I didn't see any sign. Al said that he noticed it but it was so tiny the print was too fine to read, so he ignored it as he went driving past. GRRRRRRRR.

We were in the middle of watching a video but, nooooooo, we had to stop, round up all the pets and get all them inside, ditto the laundry hanging on the clothes line, the pet food and water dishes, the outdoor furniture. We had to close all the windows and doors and keep them closed all night.

I was sooooo pissed. We found out only because our neighbor cared enough to remind us to bring in our cats. I'm betting that at least 50-75% of the community didn't have a clue and so they were exposed to much higher levels of pesticide then necessary because they didn't know to shut their windows or take any precaustions. I talked to my friend Shelly today and apparently they sprayed her house out in the county even though she had given them notice to pass it by. All her new lacewings and praying mantis and lady bugs were dead this morning. We didn't even have the option to sign a waiver to have them pass our house because instead of using spray trucks, they used helicopters on our side of town. And that assumes they'd legitimately given us enough notice to give them 24 hour notice not to spray. I am so so so so pissed.

Now the comfy part. I finally got around to purchasing the hardware I needed to hang my new hammock swing. Isn't it pretty?

After I got it hung up yesterday (and then taken back down because of the spraying last night - GRRRR), I was inspired to clean up the back yard so it would be pretty all around the swing too. I did this instead of working on the projects I needed to have done for the baby shower this weekend - oh well. Que sera sera. I cleaned up all the fallen apples, weeds, old broken flower pots... and swept.

And then......

I took a well deserved nap. Doesn't it look comfy!?



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