Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

I have two breaking news stories today, one sad, the other happy. Let's start with the sad one, shall we?

Daughter-in-law Lisa is visiting. Originally we were going to have the pleasure of her company for four days, then it got shaved down to three because she had to stop in Redding first for a bridesmaid dress fitting for her friend's wedding this weekend. They are attempting to adapt a size 12 fitted waist dress to fit around her 7 months along belly. Then they had to schedule another appointment to make sure their adjustments work, so now she's got to be back in Redding by Wednesday and, pout, we lose another day of her intended visit. Sigh. I'm being a big girl about it, but dang. Anyhoo, that's not the story.

While Lisa was in Redding yesterday someone told her that on a recent television news show they'd found out that Callahan's Lodge, where Joe and Lisa had the loveliest wedding, burned to the ground ten days ago. The Lodge and grounds were so beautiful and the staff so friendly and accomodating. The Lodge sits, or rather, sat, atop Mt. Ashland, amidst a scenic forest and had been a local attraction for almost 60 years. We Googled the news coverage and, sniff sniff, found the stories, complete with photos of the fire itself and the rubble pile that was once the lodge. The story did say that due to overwhelming community support, they have decided to try to rebuild, so that's good news.

A couple had actually shown up to be married on the Saturday the fire took place. If you want to read a heartwarming story about what happened to their wedding day, go here.

On to a happier story...

My son works parttime on weekends as the supervisor for security at a fancy schmancy night club downtown San Diego. They called him last week to see if he might be able to come in to help cover a special event they had schedule for the night. New baby on the way, needs the money, sure. Off he went. We got a phone call a few hours later.

"Guess where I am!?"

"At work?"

"Yes. No. I mean, I'm working........

the 8th Annual Transworld Riders Poll Awards!"

For those of you who do not have a young teenager that lives for snowboarding (okay, snowboarding AND football), and therefore doesn't know what I'm talking about, this is a big thing. A HUGE thing! It's the teenage snowboarder's equivalent of saying "Guess what! I'm at the Academy Awards!"

William was so jazzed to hear about his brother getting to bump elbows with all the big name snowboarders. He was grinning all night just at the thought of it.

But what William didn't know, and what we kept secret from him until Lisa arrived to hand him a birthday gift from Joe, was that his brother got an invitation to the event and had it signed for him by a dozen or so of the award winners, including William's #1 hero, Olympic Gold Metalist Shaun White.

William opened up the envelope. Looked at it. Realized what it was. His eyes lit up. And then.....

"Wow..........Wow...........WOW.......... Just Wow!.......... " Repeat over and over for approximately two minutes. Lisa and I were cracking up laughing. "Where's the phone? I gotta call Joe." Rings him up. "Hey Joe.......WOW.........I mean........ WOW........ I don't........WOW....... this is like my prized possession!..........Wow........I'm gonna frame it........Wow.........I love you.........Wow......"
Now Lisa and I are both laughing and wiping tears off our eyes.

It was an awesome surprise. I mean......just......



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