Saturday, August 19, 2006

Holiday photos #11

We're still up on top of the city wall in Conwy, Wales.

I just included this photo to show you how low some of the crenelation pattern is on these walls. See right behind William's legs? And of course he kept leaning over to look down. So did I, of course, but my legs are considerably shorter then his.

Here we are in the top western corner of the wall. We're in a tower that's even higher then the wall. You can see how the houses inside the wall (to the right) are snug up against the wall, where the newer parts of the town are not.

I took this photo standing in the same spot, looking east. You can see the castle at the far sweeping end of the wall.

Again, probably standing at the same spot, here I am facing out of the city into the "mountains." Northern Wales is noted for it's mountainous beauty. All I can say, coming from the western United States is, perhaps those hills out there get a wee bit higher as they head inland. But, it's all relative, yes? Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to go see for ourselves. If you scan that first row of white row houses, about two thirds of the way to the right you see a building set much farther up on the hill, with hedges running down to the street. That was the B&B we stayed at. It's actually two B&B's side by side and we stayed at both of them, one night at each (and a third night down in the village over a pub) because no one had the same room open two nights in a row. It made for a lot of dragging our suitcases about and even though each place was fun to discover, we tried not to move around so much most of the places we went.

We walked a lot this day. Here we are on the way back to the B & B for the evening. I am taking a short rest on the way home. The grass was soft and dry and very inviting. I dropped, like Dorothy in the scene with the poppy fields.

William didn't succumb to the exhaustion of the invisible poppies. Instead he came back and got eye level so he could talk to me. "Come on Mom! We're almost there. You can lay down in our room!"
And here we are, almost there. Just one more hill.....

The photos I took of the little fish in the pond are in this garden. I put them up a few holiday posts back at Laume's Studio. I'll go post a few more pics there now, to finish up the Conwy wall.


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