Saturday, October 14, 2006

100 Favorite Things

I've been working on this list for a few days, ever since finding Deb had done it over on Red Shoe Ramblings - Oct. 11 post. She said she got it from Susannah on her blog, Ink On My Fingers. I couldn't find Susannah's list of 100 favorite things, but her blog looked intriguing so I'm sure I'll go back and dig some more for it.

I used the word "things" loosely, some of my things are experiences, not objects one can touch. It was difficult to come up with 100 things worth including and at the same time I knew as soon as I clicked "Publish", I'd think of a thousand other things that should have been on the list too. So really, it's more like a list of ....

100 Favorite Things I Thought of in the Last Couple of Days

1. clean sheets dried on the clothesline
2. the feel and sound of knitting needles
3. horseback riding
4. homemade quilts
5. Friday night fish fries
6. cats

7. a book I can't put down
8. Lisa Loeb style glasses
9. being out under the stars
10. the sound of rain on the roof
11. gazpacho
12. dining al fresco
13. chihuahua kisses
14. hearing my kids say "I love you"
15. hugs from my grandkids
16. dancing
17. good pasta
18. fresh herbs
19. finding volunteer plants in the garden
20. my flax heating pads
21. having a car mechanic I can trust
22. my Harry Potter scarf
23. getting a photograph where everyone looks good
24. real art
25. getting personal mail
26. a hot cuppa tea
27. quoting Monty Python
28. walking on the beach

29. hot cereal
30. getting theatre tickets up front and center
31. having my hair brushed by someone else
32. backrubs
33. watching autumn leaves dance in the wind
34. breathing in the mist from a waterfall
35. lilac season
36. tortilla chips - hot, thin, greasy, salty
37. red shoes
38. catching the peak colors in a sunset
39. the first tomato from the garden
40. 500 pc. jigsaw puzzles
41. my sheepskin slippers
42. a football game with a close score all the way to the end (which we end up winning)
43. a pen that works smoothly
44. agates

45. having to drop everything to write down a poem
46. lots of garlic
47. traditional biscotti
48. the sound of a foghorn
49. people who remember to RSVP
50. scented soap in the shower
51. houses that creak
52. dragonflies
53. the sound of kids laughing
54. English coins
55. those little soaps and shampoos in hotel rooms
56. real sourdough bread (probably only found within 40 miles of San Francisco)
57. finding a penny head side up
58. the smell of beeswax candles
59. when my bangs fall just right
60. the rocking of a boat
61. candy corn
62. parades
63. a kiss that makes me feel weak in the knees
64. songs I can sing along to
65. paintings that make me wonder what's going on just beyond view behind the frame
66. the full moon
67. the smell of a bay laurel
68. old fishing floats
69. riding on a train
70. storms
71. people watching
72. fresh raspberries
73. Emily Strange
74. talking to trees
75. finding shapes in clouds

76. board game nights with friends
77. beach glass
78. hammocks
79. the possibility of discovery in an antique shop or junk yard
80. shooting stars
81. padiddles - wishing on one eyed cars
82. drumming circles
83. fractals
84. poems that make my heart ache
85. long scarves
86. margaritas with lots of salt on the rim
87. Tarot decks
88. handmade soaps
89. gargoyles

90. turtles
91. open windows
92. fuzzy caterpillars
93. moss
94. old wooden blocks
95. the aurora borealis
96. the smell of the Yule tree
97. fabric
98. watching otters
99. Lime Margarita Popcorn salt
100. flip flops

If you post a list on your blog, please come back and leave a comment letting me know so I can come read it.


Blogger Deb R said...

Oooh, excellent list, including some I wish I'd included.

(Did you ever go back and see how many we both listed? There are several!)

7:01 PM  
Blogger Deb R said...

PS...I forget exactly when Susannah did her 100 Things list, but it was several weeks ago. That was one of those things where I thought "ooh, cool idea" and started a post, but then didn't finish it and saved it in Drafts and would scribble notes to myself and add to it now and then and then finally finished and pulished it weeks later. I do that sort of thing. :-) So she probably did hers in late August or early September.

7:07 PM  

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