Monday, October 16, 2006

X is for....

The most underused letter in the alphabet, this shouldn't take long.

X-chromosomes - Double X chromosomes are rare in this family. I'm surrounded by people with one X and one Y. When you look at a Y, it's really just an incomplete X. It's missing one if it's legs. Do you see that? Hmmmm, that might explain a lot....

X marks the spot - Argh, shiver me timbers! Yo ho ho! Where's the bootie!? Who could possibly resist an old fashioned pirate map!

x-rays - I have been very fortunate (knock on wood), haven't had too many x-rays in my life. But my boys, my hubby, different stories altogether. Sigh.

Xander - okay, I cheated. I saw Deb had added Xander to her list. Even though I try not to read other people's lists ahead of the letter I'm on, I couldn't help it, I caught a glimpse. But of course, Xander. I love all things Buffy, but Xander is particularly loveable because he's the only character without any magical or otherworldly aspects to him. He's just a plain ol' human, but does that stop him? Of course not. He's brave even when he's not.

x-actly - even more cheating. That's not how you spell "exactly". But I don't care. My list, my rules. "Xxxx-actly" was Joshua's trademark comment. I still get a little jolt when someone else uses the term with just the right emphasis.

XXXXOOOOOO - hugs and kisses


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No x-rays or xylophones?

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