Saturday, November 04, 2006

Halloween creatures and football

A few more Halloween photos, and that's all I've got. Did I mention that both my cameras decided to die on the same day. ARGH!

Here's mommy witch Noel and baby witch Nonny.

Another pic of baby Nonny just 'cuz she's so cute!

And then we had lions and tigers and bears.... oh my. Oh, wait. No bears. But we did have

Baby tiger Garret and

baby... big boy lion Joshua.

And then there's the hanger brigade. Teenagers are easily entertained. No need to buy them fancy toys like snowboards or ipods - snort! Oh yeah, and there's that flying monkey again.

We got Trick-or-Treating late, most folks had turned out their porch lights. Mainly we went to places where we knew folks and we went inside so we could introduce the grandkids. Now the babies think that T-or-T'ing means going into houses. Oops.

Last night was William's last football game. I've been looking forward to having the season over - well, not true. I've been relieved to have all the away games over with as it's a real pain to drive back over the mountains in inclement weather. We were lucky not to have any snow or rain for any of our away games. We did have inclement weather for yesterday's game - yes, it was a DARK and STORMY night. The rain did stop during the game though, so the bleachers were wet but we didn't get too wet.

Here's Josh with his "fuh-ba" and Garret with his "buh-bah". Notice Garret's ball is tied to him with a string? I got tired of climbing up and down the bleachers to retrieve it. I took it with my NEW camera. I was going to get another relatively inexpensive Kodak, like my orginal digital. It was user friendly and sturdy. I don't blame it for finally kicking the bucket, it had gone through a lot of abuse over the years. But they didn't have any at Walmart, the only place in town to buy a camera, so I went for a Panasonic Lumix Mega O.I.S. It was just a little bit more and it had twice the telephoto range, which is an important feature for my needs. I still need to return my second camera - it was almost brand new and had NO business breaking on me. I'll do that in Reno so can have more options for a second camera.

The kids were amazingly well behaved during the game, which was a good thing because it was the most exciting game of the season. (of course they made up for it by being cranky and wild at the restaurant afterwards. One can only ask so much for so long out of little kids.) William and his buddy James were both tackling players left and right. It was one of those high scoring games where we'd score then they'd score then we'd score. So it was exciting almost to the end. But then we stretched ahead 40-28 at the end so the coaches could let all the 2nd string kids go out and finish the game and so everyone got a chance to play the final game. It was one of those perfect nights.

I think Joshua is a natural sports kid. Noel is soooo not a sports person. Hehe. He was fascinated with the lights, the players, the footballs, the crowd. He kept standing on the bleacher seat so he could get a good view and yelling at the top of his lungs "Uncle William!!! Go!!!!" Of course he thought every player in a purple uniform was "Uncle William." This morning he woke up and the first thing he did was sit up and ask me "Uncle Willliam put on his big hat again?", meaning his helmet. Maybe I'll have to get him his own uniform for Yule. It's never too early for grandparents to start giving gifts that mom and dad would never purchase. Hehehe.


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Wonderful great photos - YOU will love the Panasonic and please find your receipt for the other camera so you can return it!

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