Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Am I really posting about this?

Not only is it a boring thing to post about, but it's sort of like pointing out how proud one is of their C average in school, or how many cars one has up on blocks in ones dead, weedy front yard. Let's pretend it's..... amusing.

Years ago I won a bid on an auction number for something. I can't even remember what it was anymore, but when I went to pick up the whatever-it-was, I discovered that they'd also thrown in a 100% natural naugahyde, white ottoman, complete with shiny gold rolling coasters. I tried to leave it behind at the auction but they said I had to take it - package deal.

So I brought it home and set it in the middle of the living room where it matched absolutely nothing in my house because it's not like I'm classy enough to have purchased even more naugahyde furniture. I told myself it was only temporary. When my husband saw it and said "What IS that!?", I told him it was only temporary. When William said "That thing is really ugly", I told him it was only temporary.

Turns out that despite it's, ahem, "beauty", it's an extremely useful piece of furniture and somehow temporary turned into eventually and eventually turned into well, why get rid of it only to need to buy something new, albeit more attractive, to replace it.

That's when I got the idea to make a cover for it. Of course getting the idea was the easy part. The actually making of a cover.... uhm.... never happened. What did happen was the cats thought the buttons on the top of the ottoman (which, for some bizarre reason William insists on calling a bolster, which is a pillow, isn't it?)anyway, they thought the buttons were edible. Eventually they ate them off. Whether they swallowed them, barfed them up somewhere, or just batted them under some dresser that's never been moved, who knows. They're gone. That's the important point for the purpose of this story.

The next thing that happened was both cats and Rosie decided that whatever was now visible inside the holes where the buttons used to be must be edible. Spongy foam bits and pieces. Turns out - not edible. But that didn't stop them from trying to get them out, and spreading them all over my floor on a daily basis. Sometimes I'd gather the foam pieces up and shove them back through the holes, which were multiplying by this time, sometimes I'd simply toss them in the garbage. Grandkids eventually arrived and they too were determined to find out what was down in those fascinating holes in the top of the ottoman.

Today I had a inspiration. And here it is.

Yes indeedy Bubba Billy Joe Tommy Ray - DUCT TAPE! But hey, I'm classy. No ordinary silver duct tape. That would have been TACKY. I bought white duct tape to match the color of the ottoman.

I still plan on making a cover for it. Eventually. I'll get right on it after I make a set of Nascar print curtains for the back window of my pick up truck.

And while I'm offering up completely irrelevant to ANYTHING bits about my day, look what I got at Walmart today. (Yes, Walmart - but it's the only place in 100 miles to get some stuff, okay!)

It's a new doormat. My old doormat got dragged outside by persons unknown and in the light of full daylight looked a little shabby. So when I saw this one, I thought I'd replace the other one. Isn't it purty?!


Blogger Corky said...

Hey, your ottoman is looking like Frazier's dad's chair. Do you still have the item you actually bid on?

9:24 PM  

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