Sunday, February 18, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings

Here's a new game I found over on Fond of Snape. Click here to play.

You hear/see the first word and free associate your response.

  1. Threshold :: A new beginning

  2. Jason :: and the argonauts

  3. Suspicion :: Charade (the movie)

  4. Tender :: is the night (it's a song - can't remember who sings it, although now it's stuck in my head)

  5. Tempted :: to go to Reno today. But I won't. There's a storm coming in.

  6. Crimson :: blood

  7. Repulsive :: lepers (I just watched the leper episode of Monk last night)

  8. Bulldog :: my friend Shirley

  9. Garage :: is a mess!

  10. Racket :: tennis, teenagers


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