Tuesday, April 10, 2007

How's the Reading Goal Going?

At the beginning of the year I announced a goal to read at least one book a week. Fifty two book books for the year. I really want to read more than that, but I knew realistically that for every week I read more than one book, there would be weeks or even months when it might be hard to read more than a few pages a day. The last couple of weeks were an example of the latter. I left in the last week of March with a novel in my bags and I came back from a ten day trip with the same novel still unfinished. It was a great read, I just couldn't find the time to read. I finally wrapped it up a couple of days ago.

I thought it was about time to check in with a Quarterly Reading Update.

Along with the goal of reading at least a book a week, I also had two subgoals.

1) to select at least half my books from a mental list of books I have been meaning to get around to reading for months or even years but for assorted and sometimes inexplicable reasons keep passing over in favor of the latest additions to my TBR pile. Any books on the list below that qualify for this category, I marked with an asterisk after the title.

2) to read a greater variety of genres than I did last year. Since I made this goal I've gone back over the list of books I read last year and feel perhaps I was too harsh on myself in thinking my reading was "too light" or "too homogienized" (sounds like I'm talking about my milk choices, doesn't it). Still, I think I'm doing slightly better this year consciously trying to "mix it up" a bit, and alternating between heavier and more light weight choices.

The date in front of each book is when I started each book and the date at the end of each entry is the date I finished reading it.

With no further ado - 2007 Reading To Date

1/1 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix* by J. K. Rowling /12
1/12 Blame it On Paris* by Laura Florand 1/16
1/16 Anasi Boys* by Neil Gaiman 1/22
1/22 Bookmarked to Die by Jo Dereske 1/26
1/16 Witch Way to Murder by Shirley Damsgaard 1/29
1/29 Charmed to Death by Shirley Damsgaard 2/3

2/1 French Women Don't Get Fat by Mirielle Guliano 2/26
2/3 Storm Front* by Jim Butcher 2/10
2/9 The Sonoma Diet* by...? 2/5
2/10 Death Hits the Fan by Jaqueline Girdner 2/15
2/15 Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett 2/20
2/20 Fool Moon by Jim Butcher 2/24
2/25 Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close* by Jonathan Safran Foer 3/2

3/2 Sex, Murder and a Double Latte by Kyra Davis 3/9
3/10 Once Upon a Winters Night by Dennis somebody - couldn't make it past the first chapter and gave up - just wasn't my cuppa tea
3/12 The Secret Life of Bees* by Sue Monk Kidd 3/13
3/13 Grave Peril by Jim Butcher 3/17
3/17 The Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd (enjoying it but can't find where I put it when we got home from our trip so I haven't finished it yet)
3/17 The Trouble With Witches Shirley Damsgaard 3/22
3/22 Twilight by Stephanie Meyer 4/7

4/7 Murder in the Marais by Cara Black (still reading it)

What have you read so far this year?


Blogger see you there! said...

I belong to a Yahoo group - Book A Week. I just listed #17, Diamond In the Buff, A Jill Smith Mystery by Susan Dunlap. It isn't new, Pub. 1990. A friend sent it to me because it is set in Berkeley, sort of a 70's throwback Berkeley. Amusing characters. I'm off to the library this afternoon to pick up another stack.


1:35 PM  
Anonymous Deirdre said...

I'm going to try and copy my list here - but if not its on the reading list of my blog. Looks like you've been keeping up very well.

Maximum Ride Schools Out Forever - James Patterson
Maximum Ride the Angel Experiment - James Patterson (Finished 4/9)
Honeymoon - James Patterson (Finished 4/6)
Taking the leap: building a career as a visual artist - Cay Lang (Finished 4/2)
Bad Blood - Linda Fairstein Netlibrary (Finished 4/1)
The Soloist - Mark Salzman Netlibrary (Finished 4/5)
Deep Storm - Lincoln Child (Finished 3/22)
A Brief History of the Dead - Kevin Brockmeier (finished 3/16)
Hide - Lisa Gardner (Finished 3/11)
Bones to Pick - Carolyn Haines (Finished 3/9)
Get Organized the Clear & Simply Way - Marla Dee (finished 2/28)
Crossed Bones - Carolyn Haines (finished 3/1)
The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold (finished 2/25)
Dance of the Gods - Nora Roberts (finished 2/24)
Step on a Crack - James Patterson (finished 2/23)
Leonardo’s Swans - Karen Essex (finished 2/11)
Beach Road - James Patterson (finished 2/4)
A Field of Darkness - Cornelia Read (finished 2/3)
The Cold Moon - Jeffery Deaver (finished 1/28)
The Rebels of Ireland - Edward Rutherfurd (30 hours!) Finished 1/27
Morrigan’s Cross - Nora Roberts (finished 1/9)
The Twelfth Card - Jeffery Deaver (Finished 1/7)
Whispers From the Dead - Joan Lowery Nixon (finished 1/1)

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