Thursday, May 31, 2007

Beach baby

Lisa sent me some grandbaby pics today. She already put this first photo of Joli up on her blog but I had to share it here as well because it's just the cutest picture I've seen in a zillion years! Now THIS is what I call Beach Treasure!

I think someone is passing judgement on the texture and flavor of sand!

Little white bonnet. Wee person. Long windswept beach. Big blue sea.

I remember a photo of me as a toddler in a wide white bonnet and a ridiculously frilly red and white bathing suit. Wish I had a copy of it so I could upload it here to accompany the picture of Joli. I loved that bathing suit. Funny the odd little things one remembers from childhood.

Is she researching how fast sand slips from her fingers or is she wondering who that shadowy kid with the big ears is sitting in front of her?

Apparently it was a perfect day for the beach in San Diego. Up here, several weeks from the start of summer, we got a taste of summer temperatures followed by an unexpected early evening storm. Even got a quick little rainbow out of it and the air smells so fresh and clean tonight. Perfect sleeping weather.

And now off to sleep. Or at least off to read some more Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The last book to reread before the 7th book comes out in July.

I put up some photos of old walls over at Laume's Studio if you like old walls. (Old walls? Did she say "old walls"?) Yes. I said old walls. You can stop whispering.

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