Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Just a quick stop in to say hi

Since it's too much fun to have my girls here, you're not gonna get much more than a wave hello probably. We've been busy busy buys.

We woke up to the sound of lots of road equipment. They're putting sidewalks in. I was going to blog about this all by itself last week when I found out. I'm rather annoyed. I like no sidewalks. They put them in last year on the busy road you see down there after the Stop sign but that didn't affect me too much. It helped a bit actually, stopped the kids walking home from the junior high and the bus stop from walking through my flower garden. But if they put them in front here, it means we'll have no place to park our cars (we park them now where the sidewalk will be (you can see just the start of a sidewalk at the corner) when the snow plows come need to come through. We'll have to find a place to park that isn't on the street. Since we have four vehicles and a trailor, in an old style home that only has a one car driveway, this will be a problem. We did have them put a two car curb cut in on the other side of our lot when they put in the other sidewalk, so we can pull to cars up onto the grass, and we can pull the trailer up further on the grass (can anyone say "redneck landscaping"?) but that still leaves us at least one space short of what we'll need. And now we'll be responsible for not only digging our cars out of the snow, we'll be responsible for keeping that long length of sidewalk clean. Where I'm standing in the photo is only halfway down our property line too. I guess I'll wait and worry about it when it snows. Which hopefully won't be until November or December. Not that I'm counting on that.

We went out to lunch yesterday. From her expression, not sure what Joli thinks of ranch dressing.

After lunch and some errands, we came home and worked in the back yard cleaning up the patio and gardens. They hadn't been touched since last fall and they were even more of a mess from when the roofers moved everything out of the way so they could back their truck up into the back yard. Amongst other things, they moved all the soil filled half wine barrel I garden in and they're so heavy the two of us couldn't slide them back where they belonged.

Lisa helped a bit while our two babies were placed in separate cages. Joli actually lasted much longer in her cage, cooing at the apple tree branches above her, than Rosie, who whined to get out and help. I can't let her loose in the back yard however until I put a roll of wire between her and the neighbor's large slat wooden fence because she's so small she just jumps through and heads off to places unknown. Speaking of which, my my big dog Buck had found a way out of his kennel yesterday which meant a work detour to patch it back up. Only temporary, I'll have to set Jeff out to do a better fix today.

After a while even Joli wanted out of her cage. For good behavior. So Lisa and Joli enjoyed another hour keeping me company from the comfort of my hanging hammock while I worked on moving piles of decomposing leaves (Lisa screamed at the uncovered night crawlers), pulled weeds, trimmed perennials and got rid of dried sunflower canes and dropped tree branches. There's still a lot to do but it was nice to get such a big start. When I finally working my muscles started complaining at the unexpected workout and I headed to a long, hot shower.

Today we're on our way to the tea room and quick bit of fun shopping, and then home for a new project. I think we'll set aside more garden work until I can get Jeff and William to do some cleaning up of brush and leaf piles this afternoon, as well has having them take another stab at getting the barrels back where they belong. Hooo boy, William is gonna be so happy to come home and find out he's been recruited for yard work. I can hardly wait to see the big smile on his face when I tell him so!

I think this will be a quilty day for us girls. Lisa got a start on it already. I woke up this morning to find this idyllic scene.


Blogger Kirsty said...

Wow you've been busy...guess those gnomes don't care if you have company or not when they drag you by your ankles outside to work in the sunshine and fresh air!
I got to weed for 15 minutes yesterday and felt like I'd accomplished a miracle...
Today I spent the day moving furniture around in my adopted room ..wait, this is gonna be a blog entry I know it, so I'll save it for later...I'll simply say yay for all your gardening efforts!

6:42 PM  

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