Thursday, May 03, 2007

A what in a what?

A clown in a sandwich shop?

Or how 'bout - a teen in a tea room?

I was out of bed today, a vast improvement over the last couple of days. Still a bit under the weather: sore throat, dizzy, headache and on through the standard cold symptoms. But at least I was on my feet. I wasn't up to, say, double digging garden beds or even standing for long periods of time, but I did manage to run some light errands including picking up the next Cara Black mystery at the library! I also managed to find four titles at the library book sale for under $2.

I decided to treat myself to a sit down after that, my new book and a hot pot of tea at the new tea room in town. At least that was the original plan. Somehow, instead, I managed to convince William and his buddy James to join me.

I thought the photo of the boys was pretty funny. Even though it doesn't really reflect what happened. We actually all had a very pleasant luncheon and a nice conversation that went on long past the tea pot was emptied. We were laughing and enjoying ourselves the entire time, all except for the 30 seconds when I pulled out the camera to document the event when, by some unspoken agreement, both teens went completely zombie on me and my efforts to get them to smile fell on deaf ears. Clearly they wanted no evidence that they might have been enjoying themselves. In a tea room. Later in the luncheon James got a call on his cell phone, his cousin asking where he was. He started to tell him, hesitated, and finally chose "I'm over near Main Street."

It was clear that while William knows his way around a cuppa tea just fine, James was clearly out of his element. After a series of questions I finally got James to admit he'd never actually had a cup of hot tea. Although, now that I think about it, that's not true. I've given him hot tea at my house at least a handful of times. I'd served them in coffee mugs though, not tea cups. I think it was the delicate china that threw him.

We finally convinced him to let us pour him a cup. I think he drank half of it. I only managed to drink two cups as William polished off the rest of the pot, including the rest of James' tea.

I'm still feeling okay tonight. Knock on wood. I'm drinking a nice currant flavored black tea right now, soothing my sore throat. A rerun of X-files is on the t.v. but I'm not really watching it. It's just still on from earlier when I was watching a show called 1000 Places. Have you caught this one yet? This episode was about Cambodia. Wow! I want to visit Cambodia! Especially here. I checked air fares to Cambodia. Uhm. So. Maybe not.

Or maybe I can convince the producers that once the current season is over, next season they should send William and I around to see the world. I would have my bags packed in a heartbeat! Don't you all think we would be the perfect choice for the show? I could take a billion photos! I could write a zillion words! We would climb, hike, discover, ramble.....

I've gotten into quite the rambling habit right here inside this blog, haven't I! Off you go, on to the next blog. Or off to pick up the kids. Or fix the toilet from running. Or make dinner. Or watch your movie. I'm off to bed.


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