Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More hanging out

Yesterday we took Lisa and Joli to the new tea room in town. Lisa really liked it and blogged about it over at Creative Slave. Joli had a good time too. Here she is having her first cuppa tea. We start'em out early in our family. With all that fancy china, we took extra care to keep it out of her busy hands the rest of the time.

After our tea we went out for a bit of fun shopping. We stopped by my friend Shirley's bead shop to gab. I saw all sorts of new glass beads and Fimo beads shaped like assorted faces. Maybe we'll get a chance to go back later in the week and buy some. I have to think of some sort of project to use them in. We stopped by my favorite French home decor shop and then went thrifting for some new clothes for Lisa, who doesn't fit into her pre-mommy clothes or her pregnancy clothes. She didn't find anything she liked, but Joli found a few hats that looked just dashing on her!

Later we relaxed in front of American Idol.

Our cable went schizo a few months ago and we couldn't get sound for American Idol. Just that channel, and just for that show. We called our cable company, replaced wires, nothing seemed to make it better. They swore it wasn't a problem with that channel but all I know is that it suddenly stopped happening (knock on wood) just as inexplicably as it started. In any case, we missed a huge chunk of the shows midway through the top twelve, so that cooled us a bit on things. Last year we were completely, insanely addicted to the show and I missed this entire last month to our travels.

Today Lisa and I spent some time in the studio. She got more done than me. I put a few photos of our efforts up over on the studio blog.

Grandpa helped by taking Little Miss Grumblepants off for a nice walk for an hour. I didn't get much done because by midafternoon it was clear that poor Rosie was feeling under the weather. She wouldn't put up her ears, she walked around all hunched up, winced a couple of times. I offered her all her favorite activities and she just wanted to be held. I offered her a treat. She usually dances in wild circles on her back feet for a treat. Instead she walked in sad little circle and then sat down and looked up at me as if she didn't care if I gave her the treat or not. Strangers WALKED DOWN HER STREET and she didn't even bother to bark!

I worried and worried, and then I worried, and finally I decided it would be easier to go the vet office and see if I could get any answers than wait and worry until after clinic hours when it would be too late. We lucked out, he had a cancellation only about fifteen minutes after we arrived. The vet said it seemed like she had a "doggie cold" - a borderline temperature, sore throat, weepy eyes. He said she looked like she was fighting it off but she probably felt achy and unhappy. He gave us some tips to make her feel better.

She's eaten a bit and perked up a teensy bit, but she's still mostly just laying in our laps. I hope she's feeling better tomorrow, I can't really concentrate on anything else when I'm worried about my Rosita.


Blogger Kirsty said...

So sorry Rosie is sick...I know exactly how worrisome that is.
I'll send her gently healing whammies rightnow ****whammyrosie**
Sounds like you are having a blast with Lisa and Jolie. Loved the hat pix!
Enjoy enjoy (and I know you are!)



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