Sunday, July 15, 2007

Yeehaw! Awesome! Awwww!


The big news today is I finished the painting in my living room last night. Today I'm supposed to be clearing away the plastic sheeting and painting supplies and arranging the furniture. First I have to clean the floors though, so instead I'm procrastinating by writing blogs.

To see photos of the painting go to Laume's Studio. I'll post photos here too, once I get the room back together again.


We went to the local Main Street Cruise event a while back. We had to go early before hubby went off to work a second shift, so they were just setting things up, but it was still fun to see all the old cars arriving.

If I drove an old car, this is the car I'd choose - a convertible Mustang. Only mine would be Baby Blue. Or maybe a Poison Green. Or there's always Cherry Red....

I liked this badass steering wheel.


Just because I can, I'm including some cute pet photos.

Isn't my dog just the cutest thing you ever saw!

Yes, George. You're cute too. (Except in this picture - he looks sort of evil)


Blogger Tanya Brown said...

George does look rather evil in that photo, not that I know him personally. I think that's commendable. Anybody can post a "cute kitty" photo, but it's darned hard to find a proper evil cat photo, one where the cat's showing his fangs and his eyes are glowing. And frankly, based on the way black cats have been treated for centuries, I don't blame him for being a bit hissy.

Hats off to you, George!

11:12 PM  
Blogger Blame It on Paris said...

Laume, thanks for your email a few days ago warning me of the problem with the Two of Cups post. I just got a message that my response never went through, so you never got it! But I fixed the post last Friday, just so you know.

Thanks for letting me know!

6:01 PM  
Blogger Kirsty said...

Oh YE-AY!! Super congrats on finishing the painting! I know how much work goes into that.It's been 2 years now since we moved our bedroom upstairs and it took a month or more of renovations (building closets) to be ready to move nice when it's done but the "during" part is a pit!

7:55 PM  

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