Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Just Wandering Around

Today I woke up in a whimsical and devil-may-care mood. I dressed in a big gypsy skirt, totally impractical for getting anything serious accomplished. I spent midday with hubby and son on the front porch of our local tea room enjoying the cool breeze, the pleasant company, and the finger sandwiches and small desserts stacked on the tiered platter on the table in front of me.

Afterwards I meandered around without any sense of urgency. Surprisingly enough, I managed to meander into and through quite a few real tasks and errands and, without attempting to do so, ended up having quite a productive day. Hmmm..... Perhaps I'm on to something here. Sneak up on the work that needs to be done instead of confronting it head on.

One of the things I had to do was pick up my Subie from our trusty mechanic. (She was in to have a sensor replaced that was making her stumble and the Check Engine light go on.) Instead of having hubby drive me over, I decided to walk the couple miles. On the way I saw this paint drop on the sidewalk.

A waning crescent moon. Yesterday I saw another paint smudge (or maybe it was a bird dropping smudge or an ice cream drip smudge - I don't know) that looked just like a skull. I thought to take a photo of it but then got distracted and forgot and now today I can't remember where I was when I saw it. If I find it again, I'll show it to you.

On my way home from vacation last weekend I bought a few books on the "psychology of place and culture" - an idea that always interests me. Flipping through one of the books (can't remember the title and I'm already tucked in bed so, I'll check another time and let you know) I stumbled upon an excerpt where the author was describing the difference between how an adult and a child experience the Grand Canyon. An adult, she says, looks out on the grandeur of the canyon, trying to take in as wide a view as possible. A child on the other hand, she goes on, instead climbs around on the edges of that impossibly huge chasm mainly noticing little things - rocks and bugs and chipmunks - less concerned with seeing where he/she is at and more intrigued by the parts of it that can be interacted with.

I've been to the Grand Canyon, twice. And just for the record, gazing out on the farthest and deepest vistas of that place, it's hard to grasp the reality of it. It seems to me as if I'm looking at a postcard picture of the place and not the real Grand Canyon at all. But I digress - while meandering today I thought of that excerpt and wondered about how I personally interact with the world.

I have a tendency to notice detail first. Small things. Here. And there. And underfoot. What's in there? What's making that shadow above me? I look down a lot. And yes, I do also take in the bigger view from time to time, but mostly just as a way to find new details and then I'm off to get my nose in closer and investigate the cobblestones, the trim, the people sitting in the window....

It makes me wonder - how do the rest of you see the world? Are you the type that is content to sit on the beach and watch the waves and sky? Or are you, like me, more likely to wander the rocks and sand and waves looking for something smooth or shiny or alive or out of place? Do the people walking the shore become part of the scenery for you or do you get caught up noticing little details and then have stories pop into your head that explain why he's wearing a Yankee's baseball cap or why she looks sad or how come the little boy is being so tender to his baby sister.

If I had to put numbers to my interactions, I'd say I'm probably about 70% "child" and only about 30% adult. I suppose it depends a bit on my mood and whether I'm footloose or have some adult role thrust upon me, like being in charge of small children or having to watch the time. Just curious, how would you describe your interaction style?

I spied this kitten on my walk and found something sweet about the image. She had been asleep but woke to watch me take several photos of her. You can see her better if you click on the photo to open it. I also liked the pale celery color of the trim around the window, it was an unexpected choice against the tan adobe walls of the house.

Last but not least, Artsymama is having another blogger's party tomorrow - and since you're probably reading this tomorrow, then I mean today. Wednesday. Whatever. Her first was a blogger's tea party and I participated here on Beach Treasure. It was a lot of fun and I met a lot of nice new bloggers. This time she's hosting an art party, and to participate one is supposed to contribute an art tutorial post on your blog for the attending blogger guests. Being an artsy theme, I decided to participate from over at my Laume's Studio blog. If you hop on over there you'll see my small contribution where I show how to make a tiny book for any of your wee friends.

And now I've finished my Italian soda (blueberry and blood orange flavor, over ice) and this post and I'm going to meander a bit deeper under my covers - it's been chilly the last few nights - and call it a day. Er, call it a night.


Anonymous alala said...

I think I'm more child than adult as well. I really miss the Pacific Northwest, with its vast blue water and mountains and trees, but I didn't spend a lot of time looking at the sweeping vistas. I just wanted to know they were there while I dipped my toes in a tidepool or searched for the very prettiest rock on the beach.

4:39 AM  
Blogger karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I love those little serendipitus moments like when you saw a moon on the side walk while taking a walk to go see the moon! I just posted a postcard I made for a freind who is down, and on it (without me even noticing) was the name of her blog in the backgroud of the old papers I'd used!

Enjoy the art party!

7:51 AM  
Anonymous stephanie said...

Well, I ended up here first....and enjoyed this post.

I have say I view the world both ways. I love nothing better than first sitting on the beach looking out over the water and horizon....meditatively, then getting up and walking the beach looking at every small speck that catches my eye.

thanks for your visit.

7:08 AM  

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