Monday, October 15, 2007


I haven't been around for a few days. There was an out of town football game. A birthday. And frantic last days left to get ready for Lisa and Joli's arrival on Wednesday. Also I have some minor issues with uploading new photos I want to deal with before I upload any more photos to my camera even though I have some fantastic autumn scenes for you I took when driving through the mountains on Friday.

So, in the meantime -

I've got a lot of trip pics I've never found time to share and a few of them are perfect for my attempt to do a spooky theme for October. Here are some photos from our visit to the ghost town of Bodie this summer.

Here are the "kids" sitting in front of the old Bodie Hotel. Okay, I guess I didn't need to add the adjective "old". It's a ghost town. Everything in the town is old. Although, not as old as you think. The town wasn't completely abandoned until the middle of the 1900's. Oh dear. Are we really talking about the 1900's in historical terms now? Now I feel old. In the photo you can see Lisa is looking up. Here's what she was looking at:

If you click to open the photo, you can see little heads peeking out of almost all the nests.

This particular area is a graveyard of abandoned tools. William using an old wrench for weight training.

It figures his older brother Joe has to try to one-up him.

Of course the guys would find some cars to look at.

"Hop in Mom. I'll take you for a spin."

"Well, uhm, that is, as soon as I get me some wheels for this baby."

Here they all are, feigning sleep. I told them to and they did it. Don't I have them all well trained!? Well, everyone except Joli and Rosie. Babies and chihuahuas aren't as good at following commands.

Okay, so none of these photos were particularly spooky or ghosty. Don't despair. I put up a bunch of spookier scenes over at Laume's Studio.


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