Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pumpkins, Plenty, Pets and Pigs

I was slowed down a bit today after slicing the tip of my finger on a broken ceramic piece last night. Which finger? Well, I won't hold it up to show you, you might think I was making a rude gesture. It doesn't hurt too much unless I hit it straight on but it does make it hard to hit one key on the keyboard. It's bandaged up pretty good.

So instead of moving or banging things about today, I spent most of the day doing necessary shopping. It had to be done anyway, we were out of almost all the basics. Paper towels, batteries, tortilla chips, vanilla soy milk, a few new pair of Halloween socks (yes, I think they were necessary), tea, bread, tomato sauce, gel pens...... and so on until I filled an entire shopping cart at Walmart and another full cart at the supermarket.

Although mentioning my new Halloween socks satisfies the Halloween connection for this post, I'll add something more substantial. Some photos - each one of the four P's in the title - from my trip to the local pumpkin patch last week.

A nice autumn scene - Pumpkins, a corn maze (I can't resist - a corn maize) in the background, mountain peaks (another P) beyond that.

Baskets of Plenty! I like the John Deere just visible in the corner. A reminder that all that produce didn't magically grow itself.

Even their Pets are Halloween colors. Along with these kittens, they have a black and white dog.

And black and white Halloween Pigs. They are too Halloween pigs. They told me so. There names are Batty Bacon and Ghost with Toast. Okay, I made that last part up just to make them fit the theme. But they did talk to me in pig talk. They were very friendly.


Anonymous amy said...

Beautiful Farm! It just screams FAll. And cows talk to me but not pigs. Interesting. :)

And I got the tarot deck you asked about at barnes and noble up near the cash registers and it's a mini deck by running press. It doesn't really say anything else on it. :)

8:53 AM  

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