Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Look Who's Here!

Ready or not (answer: not) Lisa and Joli arrived right on schedule. Yay!!!!!

In the photo above she's wearing a shirt Lisa made for her that says "Why aren't YOU wearing your pink dress today?" Remember my post Girls Wear Pink! ?

Later, she's all ready for bed in her Halloween jammies and socks. The shirt says "Wickedly Cute".

My daughter-in-law is so clever. Daddy is gone on a month of training but that doesn't mean he has to miss reading bedtime stories to his daughter. Joli watched her daddy and watched the matching book in her lap in about equal measure.

It was getting getting chilly so I started a fire. It was Joli's first. She was fascinated. Shortly after I snapped this photo sleepy head went happily to bed. It was a long day for a busy little girl. Now the grown ups are gonna make some popcorn, watch a little television, and relax. It was a long day for the big people too.


Blogger amy said...

What a great idea for bedtime stories. Clever mama. (ADORABLE baby. And of course she's a girl. What's wrong with people?!)

5:27 AM  

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