Thursday, December 27, 2007

Elves at my House

We've had a house full of family since the 20th and there's more coming and going until well past the New Year, so I haven't had much time to post or read blogs. I'll probably still be posting holiday photos until midJanuary, but I had a quick minute to throw up a few photos of the small things running about my house this holiday season.

Here's Joli outside playing in the "snow". We went up into the mountains and played in some serious snow later but this was really more her speed anyway. Charlie was happy to wander around the yard with her, the cats love when we're outside. Do you like her hat? It says "I'm 1!". Lisa made it for her first birthday, which was earlier this month.

A little flower child, wandering around with the lawn ornaments grandpa was supposed to put in the garage weeks ago. Do you like her handmade quilted snow jacket? It belonged to her daddy. I found it used at a thrift store or maybe a garage sale, can't remember that many decades ago now. I didn't have a clue about quilting at the time but all that work, even then I could tell a lot of love went into the making of it. It's so fun to see her wearing the clothes I remember from when I had my own babies.

Here are the two grandsons, Joshua and Garrett. The kids were fascinated with this book for days. Of course only at my house do we read Halloween books at Christmas time.

Rosie keeping Sam's.... er, jeans warm. Sam injured his back just before coming over the mountains and he spent the first couple of days flat on his back with heating pads (and warm chihuahuas) placed at strategic points.

One more wee granddaughter, Nonny. She's clutching a beaded scarf that is supposed to draped over the ugly white naughahyde ottoman behind her. Turns out she's ALL ABOUT dressing up. So this was her princess cape for most of a day. I'm going to have the sew the beads back on now, but I couldn't bear to de-robe her, she loved it so.

That's it, just a quick pop in. I was uploading photos from my son's laptop (since I haven't had time to figure out how to use my new external hard drive to fix my photo storage issues yet) and I got restless with my nose stuck in the computer when there's still a cute little baby to entertain me. I'll try to put up more tomorrow. Hope this tides over some of my more impatient readers. Like my mom, who's been anxiously awaiting great grandbaby pics. Hi mom.


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