Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Moment of Calm

Wee Nonny perfecting her one-finger touching technique on the tree.

Hey, Pyro Girl! I wouldn't wave that match too close to your beautiful bonnet!

Everyone's here except Sam, who will arrive tomorrow. And as you can see, I can take photos again. (Hubby surprised me with a new SD card so I wouldn't have to worry about moving photo storage around until after the kid's visits are over.) I have a few small necessary errands listed for tomorrow and a handful of things I'd like to do but which I'll happily play by ear. Other than that, I'm all caught up. And it's only 2 a.m. I might get more sleep tonight than I have in the last three nights. Probably not, but it might happen. At least I'll get more sleep than I did last night, that's for sure! It feels great to be out from under the holiday frazzle. Knock on wood.


Blogger catsmum said...

that pic of nonni should be someone's Christmas card next year me thinks.
Merry Christmas m'dear.

4:07 PM  

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