Saturday, December 22, 2007

Welcome Baby Sun!

The longest night of the year will soon be over and we'll great the sun, happy in the knowledge that the days will grow a bit longer each day. I put up a Yule altar last night, talk about the last minute. I'm really pleased with it, it has almost a creche-like feel to it,with the animals and elements laying gifts at the feet (er, rays?) of the new sun.

In person it has more of the feel of the close up photo, but I wanted to show you the entire tableau. Hopefully the cats will leave it untrampled for at least a day or two. (P.S. My son Sam made the twig gazebo for me when he was a young teen. I just love it and usually it's displayed in the most inaccessible-to-cat location possible as it's showing signs of age. But I love showing it off here.)

May you all have a Joyous, Peaceful, and Blessed Yule!


Blogger Scarlett said...

I had a mildly peace one.

I love the creche. I never thought to make one meself. Before pre-pagan days, I loved my childhood nativity. Did you make the twig creche yourself?

Wonderful conception, I think I will have to come up with something similar for next year.

Thanks for remembering Yule.

8:33 AM  
Blogger Laume said...

Thanks for the nice comments, today and all the ones you've left in the past. I just realized it allowed me to e-mail you back. For some reason blogger won't leave an e-mail address for me for most comments anymore - it used to. It's very frustrating as it means I find it difficult to respond.

I forgot to mention (it was almost 5 am when I wrote it!) that the twig gazebo was made for me by my son. Isn't it great! He also made me a little twig picnic table. I went back and added that to the post, thanks for reminding me.

Yeah, I loved the creche when I was growing up Catholic. When my older kids were little, we still put it up for sentimental reasons. The kids liked to play with it. By the time our youngest was born, it was referred to as the baby sun and along with the old five and dime paper mache figurines of wise men and three-legged sheep, he added fairies, toy turtles, and sometimes an action figure or two. LOL. What, you didn't know that there were Transformers at the nativity?

I hadn't really planned to create a nativity scene this year. I was just aiming to set up an altar, mine have been dismantled for years and I've never managed to get one set back up. But it just organically evolved into one and I am delighted with it.

11:20 AM  
Blogger kristen said...

we still have a creche - two of them even. one is by fisher price and it's little people, the other one is playmobil.

we are going to light candles tonight to welcome the sun as well as to celebrate Irene's birthday (and rob and i will also be thinking of his mom).

i think that your altar is really beautiful. sam did a wonderful job on the gazebo.

happy and joyous yule to you and yours!
hugs and loves!

3:07 PM  

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