Saturday, July 19, 2008

Food, Mostly

Well, I'm still here. Waiting for my next grandchild to signal he's about to arrive. The plan is to drive up to Washington to help with the rest of the grandkids when this new one shows up. My daughter was convinced he's be here well before his due date. The due date was this last Thursday so, that didn't happen. At first every day I'd think - Oh, just one more day so I can get stuff done before I leave - and now I've switched to - well kiddo, you better hurry up and be born or I won't have time to drive up and get back in time to get ready for the end of the month travel plans. So, here I am. Trying to get stuff done and keeping one eye on the clock... well, on the calendar.

I thought I'd be out of town this Saturday but in case I was still here, one of the sellers at the farmer was going to bring me some heirloom tomatoes. I remembered at the last minute and when I got there he still had some left, so I've got some pretty multi-colored tomatoes for salad.

I also still have a box of regular red tomatoes left from last week's market. I've been wanting to make gazpacho and salsa with them but I didn't have any jalapenos. I went to the regular market but all the hot peppers had signs in front of them saying they couldn't guarantee the health safety of them and that one should eat them at your own risk. What!? They can't guarantee they're safe to eat but they're selling them regardless? Uhm, yeah, makes me want to grab a whole bag of 'em and bring them home. Raw food roulette? No thank you. But I found some jalapenos at the farmer's market today, so yah! Only, I forgot until I got home that I also need cucumbers. Which I don't have. So now I have to go to supermarket after all. Hopefully there will be no signs on or near the cucumbers.

I promised hubby if I was still here on his day off I'd go back to the fair with him, so that's where I spent yesterday afternoon. We had another Indian Taco. That makes three for me this year, possibly a record number for one fair. Usually I splurge on a handmade corndog as well, but I was afraid my stomach couldn't stand another fried food. Hubby got a corndog though. the batter fried up in a really unusual shape. He considered saving it and selling it on eBay. But then we all decided that really, unless it looked like Jesus, it probably wouldn't sell for much. It looks like Snoopy's bird friend, Woodstock. Not as much of a market for Woodstock shaped food I'm guessing.

I've become totally spoiled by the fruits and vegetables I'm getting every week at the farmer's market. Unlike their supermarket bethren, these foods have a little something extra - flavor. I'm already feeling sad thinking about the end of the growing season here.

Gotta run, I've got wings to make (no, not chicken wings, I have faery wings to design) and cucumbers to buy.


Blogger Kirsty said...

I hear you about fresh food and good taste! We've been enjoying our CSA boxes, finally winding down on all the kale, and heading into corn season...yum! Our community garden plot is doing great...if all the tomatos ripen around the same time, we'll be up to our eyeballs in 'em! Salsa, lotsa salsa in our future!

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