Wednesday, July 09, 2008


We call it "window shopping", the French call it "lèche-vitrines" which translated literally means "licking the windows". If you could see all the wonderful chocolates and other sweets behind so many Parisienne windows, you'd understand how appropriate the term is for this enjoyable (and Euro free!) activity.

So today, I'll take you on a little stroll where you can get a "taste" of Paris.

Here's Sam and hubby looking into a patisserie at some wonderful sweets and bread. They might actually be licking the window, I don't know, they're standing so close.

In the window in a pet shop, something equally sweet, a baby chihuahua. I wish I could have brought this wee one home with me.

Something else I would have bought if it would have fit in my luggage. These great glowing bulbs.

The French love their children and dress them so adorably. Here's a sweet (see, more sweet!) display of simple but elegant children's items.

In the window of an atelier in the Bastille, lots and lots of old chairs just waiting to be spiffed up and given a new home.

You can't think of Paris without thinking of fashion. Here are some wildly dramatic hats in a window on Rue Lafayette.

This was a soothing display in the window of an Asian tea room. See the woman pouring tea just inside the window? We chose another tea room on this day, but I'd be tempted to try this one some time in the future.

Old maps and old photographs. Or maybe recreations. But I think they were originals.

I thought these giant paper doll mannequins were the sweetest - ah, sweet again - ever!

So quintessentially French - les fleurs, a glittery chandelier , and that beautiful architecture reflected in the glass.

I think I already shared these last two photos but I couldn't do this stroll justice without showing something to eat and drink through the windows. I somehow managed to spend weeks in Paris with my nose pressed up against hundreds (no exaggeration, I'm sure of it) of windows drooling at les tartes, et les chocolats, et les macarons, and other delectable pastries, and I didn't remember to take a single photo of any of it!!!!

So here is some wine and champagne - just the bottles, they're decorating the window of a wine tasting bar - can't remember what these are called.

And of course, a window full of the staff of life - les pains.

And now off you go. Top off the walk with a nice baguette or even better, une chocolat!


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