Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nightstand and New Treasure Photos

Deirdre complained that I didn't share any photos of my nightstand. Okay....

Here's a photo Hubby took of me late one night, you can kinda see the nightstand in the background. As you can see, just like I'm always mentioning, I was reading in bed with my tea.

And this morning I took a close up of it. Beautiful, isn't it. Fresh red roses from my garden. I don't usually make my bed but, for you...

Okay, okay, I'll play fair and give you a little peek.

I also promised some photos of my recent thrift store finds. I've been on top of things and so I've been unbagging and putting things away for the most part. (Compared to my usual routine which is to leave the bags in the living room for weeks where the family keeps moving them around from couch to table to couch to get them out of the way) I might have forgotten one or two things, and the bulk of it was craft or costume supplies, which I didn't bother photographing. But here are the larger items.

A beautiful old frame. You can't really see in the photo (maybe if you click to enlarge it) but the inside is brown velvet. I paid $5 for it. I probably could have gotten it for less but it's for a good cause (the local food and shelter for those who are homeless or need assistance) and I'm always going in there with only a $5 or $10 and somehow no matter how much I buy, 80% of the time if I tell them how much I have, that's how much it costs, or less.

I have no idea what these are but I wanted them anyway. They're sticks - too dull to be knives, too thick to be hair sticks or chopsticks. The little fabric sheath is embroidered and quilted. I was certain it had something to do with faeries and so I brought them home. Anyone have a clue? I don't know what I paid for them - a quarter? fifty cents? They just added them in.

This is big and heavy and a lot prettier in person. The crack in the plastic (not glass) is there but the casing isn't dull like that, that's reflection from the angle I'm taking the photo. It's at least a foot, maybe eighteen inches tall. I could replace the casing, probably won't get around to it ever, but I could. It runs, tells the right time. If the clock ever breaks, I can use it as a frame. Paid $8.

I'm showing you the sweet old porcelain figurine. She's got real lace glued onto her skirt and an old wire flower in her hand. She's not in the best of shape but she looked like she needed a home and she reminded me of the sort of thing my paternal grandmother had around when I was a kid. She needs a name. Anyone know what her name is? She looks a bit odd in her faded colors in front of the brightly colored puzzle house (another find at the thrift store) but it looked like the kind of place she'd like to live, at least for now. She was under a dollar, the lady that bagged me didn't say outloud - some of the other ladies will keep a running list going for me to okay the prices.


Anonymous alala said...

Nice stuff ya got there. I think the stick-things are letter openers.

2:20 AM  

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