Thursday, September 04, 2008

San Diego Zoo - Things with Feet

When I was down in San Diego we went to the zoo. Before we left, Joli got her hair put into these adorable pigtails.

I kept calling her Cindy Lou Who.

In her cute little black and white outfit. I want shoes some Mary Janes like that.

I love otters. And I love how this shot turned out. I had to hold my camera up over a wire fence to get it.

Joe making sure Joli didn't go over that fence to swim with the otters.

Ugly cute. A warthog. I can't look at him without thinking of the Disney version.

Beautiful flamingos - this flock was a paler shade of orange than other flocks I've seen. I wonder what causes the color variations. Genetics? Environment? Diet? All of the above?

That these birds were plenty vibrant!

What's the buzzzzzzzzz?

Some adorable bugs.

Unlikely friends.

Beautiful but I wouldn't want to meet one in the wild!

Possibly the cutest scene in the zoo.

Lots of things to take photos of, sadly my batteries died about halfway through the day and refused to pay twice the going rate for them at the little kiosks throughout the zoo.

A baby giraffe. I wanted to take a photo of all of him but my batteries ran out right after I snapped this one.

Flipped my batteries around in my camera and got one more picture out of them. (did you know about that? If you flip your batteries, you can usually get a few more photos) A tired family ready to go home even though we hadn't seen the monkeys yet! They get to go to the zoo all the time, they have an annual pass. But I don't. I wanted to see the monkeys. They sat down and rested while I went in search of them - monkeys that is. They were all sleeping. The monkeys. So we went home.

I put Joli in her jammies that night and took out her rubber bands. I love how her hair fanned out after being tied up in pigtails all day. Lisa said she had Bozo Hair. LOL!

If you want to see the beautiful botanical photos I took at the zoo. To see San Diego Zoo - Things with Chlorophyll, go to Laume's Studio.


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