Monday, August 18, 2008

Faerieworlds - Other Beings and Creatures

Although the overwhelming majority of attendees at the festival were faeries, that's not to say that there weren't a lot of others there as well. So many that I could have taken hundreds of photos and still not captured all the variety of beings. But here's a few I caught with my lens.


A shaman?


Even a few witches. (Actually, there were quite a few witches there, although many of them were dressed as faeries.) This one flew in on a vacuum cleaner.

An ogre

Perhaps some sort of Viking medicine man?

There were lots of horned ones.

We weren't sure what this creature was either, but we're pretty sure it was an elemental. It moved very slowly, never spoke, and didn't even seem completely aware of the creatures around it all the time.

The Greenman

A dragon

There was an entire tribe of mud people.

And even some creatures - here's a bumble bee dancing with a wee faery.

There were lots of pirates. The guys really liked to be pirates! Did you know they have entire festivals just for pirates!?

A clown

And I'm not sure.... a troll? A dwarf? Not pointy enough to be an elf.

Fauns both male and female. Here's a female one dancing with a friend.

Wizards were at hand of course. There always seems to be at least one or two wizards about in every crowd, even seemingly ordinary ones, yes?

And he is a......?

A tree sprite or perhaps a young ent.

Another dragon, this one from the Eastern world.

A few knights kept things from getting too rowdy. When they weren't getting rowdy themselves!

More pirates!

A Pic Warrior dressed in woad.

And perhaps the oddest creature of all, a few humans were mingling in the crowd.

Over on Laume's Studio today I started a series of posts showing all the amazing and unlimited variety of wings I saw at the festival. Go check 'em out.


Anonymous Sharon said...

Is the fellow with the green hair a Marshwiggle? Thanks for visiting my blog. Autumn is also my favorite time of the year which is way too short here in the midwest. You make a lovely Autumn Faery.

4:18 AM  

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