Saturday, August 16, 2008

Restless Moonlight

Today, which by that I mean yesterday, as I'm writing this at 2 am, was "one of those days." Not an extreme "one of those days" but still, not the best day I've ever had. Eventually it just devolved into a day to get through with hopes that tomorrow (today) the temperatures would drop and the cheer factor would rise.

It was hot, hubby and I were bickering, kids were traveling (always sets me on edge with worry), my most recent home on the net was down all day, and we discovered another one of our credit card numbers had been stolen. My son's card was hacked into two weeks ago, I discovered my number had been stolen last week, and today we found out hubby's number had been being used on a Canadian holiday that we weren't taking. (Reminds me of those old credit card commercials that were much funnier than when it happens to you in real life.)

Things weren't all bad though. I got some decluttering done, FINALLY put the new plates I bought last December into the cabinet, had a nice lunch with hubby (where we took a two hour break from the heat and the bickering), drew some chalk faeries on the sidewalk, had a nice chat with a friend, watched new episodes of Monk and Psych tonight, and the teen has decided to be pleasant again.

But tonight it was still a hot, restless, almost full moon sort of night. I was suffering from heartburn if I tried to sit down or, heaven forbid, lie down to sleep. So I went outside where it was marginally cooler.

Doesn't it look sort of like a glowing face?

My little ghost fox by the light shining through the front screen door.

A cauldron of white miniature petunias glowing in the same light. I didn't plant them in there, by the way. They just appeared like, well, like magic!

And who knew that chalk faeries glow in the dark!


Blogger GreenishLady said...

Such lovely companions you found in the moonlight! I've enjoyed your fairyland posts, but haven't been commenting much anywhere lately. Thanks for this lovely night.

5:20 AM  
Anonymous Dawn said...

Wow, that is a whole lot of crap to indure for sure! So glad you stepped outside to find a moment that was magical. I love your moon photos, especially the glowing neat! Maybe I need to try some of those.

5:48 PM  

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