Monday, October 13, 2008

Family in Town, About Town

Family -

Sam came through town on his way to a business day in Nevada. He stopped for several hours. Hubby had to work, unfortunately, but William and I were able to go out to lunch with him. In fact, I had lunch "with" all three of my boys as Joe called from around the world while we were gathered together at the table.

After lunch we went to the local miniature golf course. Sam loves to play golf - real golf - and he always complains playing miniature golf puts him off of his regular game. But then the next time he comes to town he asks to play miniature golf again. I'm not sure if it's because he's determined to be good at both real and miniature golf or if it's just a lack of options for activities on a Susanville weekend.

They ended up mostly just horsing around. William lost two balls. I found one of them. Here I asked them to give me the Spock sign. I didn't realize until I uploaded the photo that they are giving me a different sign. I have no idea what it means, I hope it's not something I shouldn't put up on my blog.

About town -

People like those plastic deer ornaments for their lawn but really, four?! Don't you think this family went a little bit too far!?

I liked this cute crow this family put up in a tree in their yard. It's made of paper though, I'm not sure how it will fare if we have any rain or snow.

They also put up a cemetery display for Halloween. (the Raiders sign is up there all the time - apparently big football fans!) It's a nice display but I had to laugh because if you stand here and turn around and look across the street you see.....

.... the real thing!

The slanting light was so lovely I had to stop and walk around for a bit. I put up some close up photos I took there over at Laume's Studio tonight. Maybe I'll share more of the photos here tomorrow.

The autumn color here seems late, balancing just at the beginning of the turn, not willing to go back, not willing to spill over into change. This one tree on an uptown street near the courthouse always is the first to burst into flame, weeks before most of the other trees, and even it is still more green than orange and red.

More family -

Apparently, according to hubby, today is Where Your Shirt Inside Out and Backwards Day. No? Well, maybe it's just because he's getting OLD and forgets things like how to put his shirt on. You see, today is his BIRTHDAY!!! Happy 24th Hubby! He says it's his 24th. I'm a little suspicious, but if he says so......


Blogger black eyed susans kitchen said...

Love your pictures. Those deer always crack me up, and that bat was very cute, but I really like the halloween decor. Susan

6:42 AM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Well, happy birthday to hubby! How wonderful to have all your boys around for a fun day!

8:34 AM  
Blogger Kirsty said...

Happy birthday to your hubby! 24, eh? Amazing, considering the size of your, um, er...toddlers at the golf course!! LOL!

So good to see your boyz together, good for you to have the time with Sam.

I love your tree photo's...we're only a wee bit further north than you (you're 40* n, we're 42* n) but our trees are at peak and so many leaves are coming down! I just know that in the next few days all the trees in the yard will go ablaze (er, perhaps not the thing to say to a Californian with wildfires abounding in your state--I mean blazing with color, of course)...and then all the leaves will fall on the same day. Since we bag up between 50-75 of those giant paper bags, and put a bunch in the compost, that's a lot of leaves! Oh, thank the Goddess I have boys that like to help me outside! I can rake, but the bending to bag 'em can do! at least not in that quantity!
And you said you had SNOW already??!! OH MY!! Guess that's what happens when you live 4000 feet above sea level (we're 400 feet here, 65 miles from the ocean!)
ps word verifications crack me up sometimes...tonight it's rixtoez...sounds like a disease you get when you hyper flex your foot riz your toes...hahahaha. Okay, I'm done!

6:59 PM  

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