Saturday, October 11, 2008

Holiday Parties

It's hard to believe that someone who loves Halloween as much as me has never been to a Halloween party. And by that, I mean, a private costume party. I've been to community sponsored trick-or-treat activities (which are in essence a bit ol' street party) and I've been to church sponsored Halloween or Fall Festivals. I've gone to Haunted Houses. I even have a vague but powerful recollection of a barn party (I don't know if the actual event took place in a barn and sometimes I wonder if I'm remembering a real event at all!) my folks took me to when I was a kid that included a hayride. (Mom, if you can remember any more details, I'd sure like to know them!)

Mostly I've spent decades trick-or-treating. Pre-children I dressed up and handed out candy to neighborhood kids. Then I had kids of my own and Halloween went on for over two decades as a week long frenzy of costume making and then trick-or-treating with one kid, two kids, five kids plus two or three friends, and finally back down to one, William, again. The last handful of years the "kids" that trick-or-treat have morphed into a teen or two who graciously allowed me to tag along and finally us grown ups using very wee kids/grandkids as an excuse to dress up and beg for candy and continue to wander our dark, spooky small town streets. This year will be more of the same. Frustratingly, William has an away football game that night (who schedules football games ON Halloween!? That's like scheduling them on Thanksgiving or New Years or .... oh.... yeah. They do, don't they.) but William and Hubby have decided since we can't all fit in one vehicle that they will travel to the game while I'll stay home to trick-or-treat with my daughter-in-law, her friend, and one wee kid qualifying granddaughter.

Some day I'm going to have to rectify this sad truth and go to a Halloween party. To make that happen though, I might have to do something drastic, like throw the party myself. The last few years I've had people ask if I was throwing a party they might be getting invited to for Halloween. I'd love to do that but it would involve so much organization and pre-planning that it makes me feel woozy and faintful at just the thought of it. And I'm nervous about coordinating a night where enough people can attend. Folks live such busy lives and either have conflicts or just would rather stay home instead. I've always had a (not so unreasonable I think) fear of throwing a party and having no one show up. I do hope to eventually get my act together enough to plan a Witch's Tea Party. Every year I say "this year" and then as Halloween comes and goes I sigh and say "next year". Some year, when it doesn't conflict with family activities, I'd love to attend a grand Witch's Ball! There is usually one gala by that name in every large city, a mixture of pagan festival and just-for-fun frivolity.

But, I'm excited to say that I am going to attend some online parties this year! I've linked up some pretty new buttons for them in my sidebar.

On October 18th I'll be attending an online Halloween Party hostessed by Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist. If you ever need a little break from the sometimes cold, uncaring qualities of the mundane world, her blog is always a lovely respite into a fantasy world far away from your worries and cares. I'm thinking this party is gonna TOTALLY rock.... and sing and be covered in witch's bubbles and faery dust and perhaps a drunken gnome or two. Burp.

Then, on November 2, Stephanie of Rodrigvitz Style and Susanna of Susanna's Sketchbook are co-hostessing Dia de Bloglandia to honor and celebrate Dia de Los Muertos. I'm so excited this post-Halloween holiday that I've come to love is finally getting it's due. Here's a a link to Stephanie's original post and another link to Susanna's original post and the button in my sidebar should, if I set it up correctly, link you to the participants.

If I'm organized enough - always a spooky bet - I'll probably attend on both my blogs, here and over on Laume's Studio. And last but not least, my blog dolls are finally dressed up for Halloween. They are already anxious for the parties to arrive, not to mention Halloween itself. They're happy with their outfits for now but they'll probably, as girls do, change their minds and their costumes several times before the dates.


I've been remiss in my questions, so I have several for you today. Have you decided what you will be this Halloween yet? Do you have your costume picked out and ready? Do you make it or sew it or buy it or piece it together with bits of wardrobe and a visit to the thrift shop? Do you still dress up? (Gasp, I hope the answer is yes!) Have you ever been to a costume ball? Do you know of any other online holiday gatherings I should know about? Have you ever thrown a Halloween party? Okay, at least ONE of those questions has to work for you!


Blogger Stephanie said...

I agree! YOU should throw a Halloween party...

Thanks for spreading the word for the Dia de Bloglandia affair!!

per your Marigold questions, this is what I have found....marigolds dry to a shriveled, darker color which I think have a beauty all their own. I have been painting Mod Podge on mine to use in alters and artwork and this is working pretty well. I know there are actual flower drying practices that would probably work though I've never tried this. If you're going to use them dry you need 2-3 times the amount because of shrinkage.


1:38 PM  
Blogger Miss Elena said...

even if i was sitting at home watching scary movies with my dad i would still dress up ahaha

without a costume you lose the essence of halloween

i have a new entry by the way :]

1:55 PM  
Anonymous Vernita Mills said...

I've also never been to a real Halloween party, just lame events with a few friends. I'd really like to go to one someday though, when I have a costume to show off to the masses. I think I'd be better off trying to find one online like these though... I can just photoshop a costume onto my pic :)

11:03 AM  

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