Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Playing With My Food

Awhile back while I was in the city I was able to make a stop at World Market and stock up on all sorts of tasty seasonal goodies. I bought some wine, cider, teas (I'm drinking a cup of chocolate chai as I type this), coffees, pastas, candies... I found a bag full of Halloween shaped tortilla chips. I brought them out to show William a few nights back. I held them up and said "William. Look at the Halloween chips I found. They're shaped like - "

and at that point the bag slipped from my hand and fell to the floor.

I picked them back up while William finished my sentence "- hundreds of tiny broken chips?"

Fortunately they didn't all break. And I discovered that if you hold them up to the light of television, something incredibly spooky happens - they come ALIVE!

First, here's a ghost shaped chip. Cute. But spooky? I think not. But hold it up just right and....

ACK!!!!! Glowing eyes!!!!

Depending on what's going on behind it, you get different colored eyes. Here's a ghost with glowing white eyes.

And a bat with white eyes.

A blue eyed bat. Blue eyes are recessive, so this is a very rare bat.

A jack-o-lantern with an icy white stare.

And a blue eyed ghost. But my favorite.....

A bat with eyes of fire!!!!

On another night (yes, I got several nights of entertainment out of this bag of chips) I managed to get green eyes and yellow eyes as well. I was watching the debate tonight and so the favored background colors were red, white and blue.

How is your food entertaining? Do you slurp your spaghetti? Eat your Oreos from the inside out? Make your animal crackers scream as you bite off their feet? Use your straw as a dart gun? Make gravy lakes and dams? Maybe not a completely spooky themed question, but hey, I have faith that you crazies can come up with a spooky perspective.

To see some great new October thrift finds and decorations, grab a spooky snack and another cuppa tea and check out tonight's photos on Laume's Studio.


Blogger JulieZS said...

now those are some spooky chips!

11:28 AM  
Blogger Kirsty said...

kewl chips...I've never seen the like of that here on the East coast.
Love the red glowing eyes!
On Halloween we put red mac n cheese into our pizza pan and make a ketchup face on it (oh I think I will put that pic on my blog tomorrow!), cut faces into apples and make cabbage and apple salad to go inside...and Halloween Bones for dessert! Look for pix tomorrow on my blog!

ps, thanks for the idea!

7:21 PM  
Blogger Connie Carpenter Macko said...

so... have you heard of the new movie "poultry-geist?" where they build a fast food restarant over an indian burial ground (contaminated with toxic waste)? and the spirits invade the chicken wings? and the people who eat them turn into zombies? the glowing eyes are a very bad sign. I'd be worried about eating possessed chips... just saying! LOL

7:43 PM  

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