Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Night Means Football

Somebody cute showed up. Lisa and Joli were supposed to arrive on Friday afternoon but they showed up Thursday afternoon instead. Left in the wee hours Thursday morning and just drove straight through and got here in time for dinner. Of course I wasn't ready, didn't have the decorations up, didn't even have the guest bed set up yet. But no matter, it'll all get done and in the meantime we can start enjoying our visit.

Sam came on Friday and we all went to William's football game. This was supposed to be the team that was going to be impossible to beat. So there was a lot of excitement in the air.

The "flatlanders" from out of town thought it was cold out. Little did they know us mountain folk thought it was downright balmy out compared to the home game a few weeks ago where we were all wrapped in double layers, topped with lots of fluffy accessories and STILL freezing our extremities, this game didn't warrant much more than a sweatshirt and some warm shoes.

Here's Joli trying to keep her mom warm with her blankie.

Her Uncle Sam was happy to hold her, she helped keep him warm too.

The high school drill team did the cutest half time routine. They all dressed in two layers of black and orange, ripped, shredded or torn, each in their own design, and they wandered out onto the field like zombies and did a cute zombie dance with a few Thriller moves thrown in. It was really cute.

When they were done, some local dance kids joined them, looked like kids aged four to fourteen. They did another routine and some of the little kids were hysterically adorable and full of such amazing confidence and drama - if only we could all keep that sort of self esteem.

Of course there was a FOOTBALL GAME and so exciting, we WON!!!! Here's William, so excited his feet aren't even touching the ground.

We all rushed down onto the field.

It was very exciting to win, the kids are now in first place in their division. Doubly exciting, we broke the "brother curse" - William's team has never won a game that his brothers have come to see him play in. Whew! We didn't think it was really a "curse", just unfortunate timing, but you never know - football players can be a very superstitious bunch.


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