Thursday, October 02, 2008

Wemples Pumpkin Patch - Part 2

Back to the pumpkin patch. So, you've all had a sleepless night tossing and turning, wondering if I bought any pumpkins, right? Well, probably not. I didn't even post yesterday's post until most of you were probably snoring in your beds. But let's pretend that you were. So, did I? Buy any pumpkins? Yes, and no. I didn't buy any big pumpkins.

But I bought a whole bunch of these cute little baby, pumpkins. Aren't they cute! Most aren't more than an inch or two tall.

And I bought a butternut squash. They're tasty baked with a nice rice pilaf stuffing.

And I bought one of these white and gold pinwheel colored ones in the foreground. You can't tell from the perspective, but these are also tiny decorative pumpkins. And I bought one of those orange squash in the background. I know they look like pumpkins, but they're not. They're squash.

I didn't buy any of these gourds. I don't know why, now that I think about it. I think I planned to but I forgot. I really wish I'd remembered to grab that great white ghostie one!

I bought some hubbard squash. These grow to be huge, huge, party sized meal squash. I bought a smaller one. I liked these two together, I didn't buy either of these. They reminded me of a mommy squash and baby squash and I didn't want to split them up.

And I bought some acorn squash, one white one and one green/gold one. And one of those turban squash. They're so fantastical looking!

So, here's my final haul. It might not look like much compared to a wagon full of giant pumpkins, but trust me, it was a lot of squash. These were supersized wagons. And I have to restrain myself a bit as there's only two of us eating squash (Hubby likes it, William does not.)

Aren't these the prettiest wee mums? Such a cheerful, perfect Halloween color. But they weren't for sale, they were planted in the ground near the gift shop. Maybe I can find something similar at the nursery though. Oh, right! You wanna see what I bought in the gift shop? It was such a great find. Check it out on Laume's Studio! Hop on over before I turn you into a frog.

The corn maize and pumpkin fields will have to wait until our return later this month. More fun to share that experience with wacky people, like my family.

Oh, I almost forgot, my Spooky question of the day. I'm looking forward to making all manner of tasty dinners from my locally grown squash. Baked squash, grilled squash, squash soup... who knows what I'll concoct. Do you have any favorite autumn recipes that include squash, or other seasonal foods?


Blogger Kirsty said...

I never got on the computer to read yesterday, so I missed your update! I'm so glad to know WHY I had that sleepless night the night previous...all YOUR fault, as I tossed and turned thinking about you and whether you'd bought any pumpkins!!!Hahaha!
Don't you just love a field full of pumpkins? We didn't have a good pumpkin harvest in the Northeast, too darned much rain, many died or mildewed on the vine. Was so glad our community plot is on a hill and thankfully most rain just drained away, so KC's pumpkin did well. I'll miss going to the field for a pumpkin this year, the drawback to saving $40 on giant pumpkins at HOme'po, to be sure. I'm LOVING the Hubbard squash mum and wee one! So glad you were a good squash lover and let them be together! Great farm pix...and nice haul of 'em for you. We got some of those turban squash in our farm box last I recall they are very sweet. O, I LOVE squash just as-is or with butter, served right beside white mashed tators, and veggie chicken. Lee loves squash pie. And this year I'm going to try squash soup, mmmm I had some homemade by a friend last spring and can't wait to try it for myself! I can only imagine the look on Robbie's face, he, like William, loathes squash.

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