Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wemples With Wee Girl

The plan was to go to the pumpkin patch with everyone. The day dawned sunny and warm, the perfect day to go except for a few teensy issues. All sorts of calamities and misguided plans that aren't worth listing and you probably don't want to know about in any case, meant that no one, with the except of the wee girl, got more than two to four hours of sleep last night. YAWWWWN. Then, William woke up with a bad case of the flu or food poisoning (we'll find out I guess) and was obviously going nowhere that wasn't within ten feet of the bathroom. Since there wasn't another day that William could go with even if we waited for him to get better (and there was the unfortunate possibility that by then some of us might then be sick) we decided to stay in touch with William by cell phone and go anyway. Armed with large Starbucks (and me with a bit of maternal anxiety) we went and had a pretty nice time despite the sleepy start.

Posed on a big tractor. It wasn't very interesting as she couldn't reach the handle. I guess this machine wasn't made for a short farmer.


Grammy and Joli walking out to the pumpkins. I love how her shadow has a puffy little ponytail too.

Papa helping her find the perfect pumpkin.

It was so warm out that Lisa forgot that farm fields full of stickers and flip flops don't work well together. She bruised her feet up with those heavy duty thorn bushes. Sam was a good sport and gave her and Joli a lift back with the pumpkins.

They had lots of fun things set up on the farm lawns - a corn maize (which we were all too tired to want to try this year, sigh), a straw bale climbing structure, animals, snack bar, etc. This little toy kitchen worked like a magnet for all the little girls. One of these is our Joli but it was hard to pick her out, almost all them were wearing black and orange! I pointed my camera and yelled "CHEESE!" and three out of the four girls obligingly stopped and grinned for the camera. The lone dissenter, our kid. I think she's had her fill of paparazzi.

After the pumpkin hunting was over Lisa and Joli bought some caramel apple flavored suckers. Here they are enjoying some mother daughter sucker time.

Every photo from that point on was a "Joli and her sucker" photo with a different backdrop. Here's one of her following a cute little gray kitten.

Here's Joli and her sucker driving an old farm truck.

And here's Joli and her sucker on the drive home, having outlasted both the "boys". Good thing the girls were driving.


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