Monday, November 10, 2008

Football, Rainbows, and Good Food

I just like this pic - the glare of the stadium lights, the leaves clinging to the tops of the trees on the right, the goal posts so clear against the dark sky.

Friday night was the last league game of the season. The team we played was considered a worthy opponent but we still managed to rip apart the scoreboard with a 54-12 win. Lassen won all their league games (although not all the games we played, some of our games were with teams in a bigger league) and we're League Champions. YAH! Next week we get home field advantage for the first of two play off games for the Northern California District Championship. We have such a big state, and we're not a large school, so we don't have a state title. This is the equivalent of that. It's sudden death - if we win next week, we go on to play again the following week. If we win that, we play the Championship game the day after Thanksgiving. Which, now that I think about it, will be interesting, as we'll have a ton of family here to attend the game with us.

After the game the fans all go down on the field, the head coach talks to the kids. Look at William's dirty but happy face - that's a kid who worked hard for the win.

A rare photo - I'm in it. Proud mom. Short mom. Or is it - Tall kid?

Saturday hubby got a unexpected weekend day off work and so in midafternoon we decided to take the rare opportunity to have a family day. We drove to Reno to take care of a few errands and have dinner out, do the mall thing. (I wanted to see if they had any of those cool Obama t-shirts left at any of the mall shops - I bet you already know what happened - they were ALL sold out everywhere!)

The weather was sunny but rain and clouds peppered the high desert with a big ol' kick ass storm headed in over the western mountains. It was one of the most beautiful days in the valley I have ever seen. Everywhere you looked, the clouds were different - feathery, or big sailing ship storm clouds or dark strips highlighted by sunlight edges. This was one of about a half dozen rainbows we saw on the long drive. You really have to click on the two vista photos to see all the detail.

Here's another beautiful vista. We left really late in the afternoon with no time to dawdle and it was almost painful not to stop more than this one time to capture all the beauty we experienced.

We had a lovely day in Reno. We went to the mall. We went to this mind boggling new store called Scheels. I'll post about that tomorrow. We splurged on the weekend tourist priced buffet at the Atlantis Casino. It's always rated the best in town but we usually don't hit it at the highest rates.

In the past, we've only gone during the middle of the week for lunch when for the price of a ordinary coffee shop meal you can stuff yourself until you can't walk. I didn't think it would make that much difference, but for the dinner weekend they add steak and more types of seafood than I even knew existed! It would have been worth the price just for the mound of snow crab legs in drawn butter that I devoured. But of course I went back for about six types of shrimp, scallops, mussels, clams, oysters, fish, salmon.... Then there was the salads, Mexican food, soups, breads, prime rib, ham, vegetables, mashed potatoes, Chinese grill, fruit. And to top it off, several tarts, pumpkin cheesecake, ice cream and a cream puff. If that sounds impossible for one small woman to eat all by herself, than you can't even begin to imagine how much William, a 6'4" athlete, managed to put away. To say we got our money's worth would be an understatement.


Blogger JulieZS said...

mmmm crab legs mmmmm. My mouth is seriously watering! I love that first picture of William, you really captured the pure joy of playing a sport with that image. By the way I tagged you for the 7 weird/random things meme.

12:25 PM  
Blogger Jana said...

Go Grizz! I hope the boys can pull out a win on Friday! Football season for the freshman is over, they don't get to go to playoffs until JV. So after this week I will actually get to see my husband!!!! YAH!!! His boys turn in their gear tomorrow. I am sure he will hang out at the varsity practice like he does every year. But next week he actually be home, it will be weird.

Great photos!!!! You are so creative!

8:40 AM  
Blogger Tonks said...

Now that I've gotten a chance to visit your blogs, I find we have even more in common than politics and religion (which are big, to be sure): my older son is a football player, too! He just played his last game Nov 7th, and he's not playing in college. He received a President's scholarship (the highest merit-based scholarship they offer) to ASU, so he'll most likely attend there.

Anyway, I love your pics, particularly the old church and cemetery, and I'm totally with you on the holiday card thing. My family is still fundamentalist, so I humor them with more religious cards, but stick to dogs and Peace for my LGBT and other-religion friends.

Glad you found me!

9:51 AM  

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